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Young Teen still in Diapers?

You'd be surprized

Posted by katyc1999 on 2015-05-10 16:16:26

how many young teens wear a diaper to school.

I was a regular knicker wetter at junior school (may be once or twice a month until about 10), I wasn't only only one, but perhaps was one of worst. I reckon most girls at my junior school wet themselves in class at least a couple of times a year. Junior schools are set up to cope with this, the secretaries' offices have spare pants etc. not sure how secondary schools would deal with this and I hope to never find out.

I can only really speak for girls, I don't think boys have the same issues as we do, I don't think I've ever seen a normal boy wet himself at school after the age of about 7.

There are girls like me who I started at secondary school actual went back in to diapers as a precaution. longer classes, shorter breaks, a much bigger and unfamiliar school and just the fear of wetting myself in public, meant that my mum and me agreed it would be the best thing for the first few month anyway. I was glad I did on more than one occasion, even now I'll wear for things like long exams and smaller leak protection the rest of the time.

The changing isn't an issue with the pull-up style briefs pants you can buy nowadays.

Posted by KiaraC on 2015-10-17 12:49:44

I am wearing diapers to school now. I started this year. I don't like it that I have to wear them to school but I just still have too many wetting accidents not to. I was wearing pull ups, like goodnites before but they didn't always hold everything and they were hard to change when I had to. I think a lot girls have wetting accidents too but never say anything about it. I do and I never tell anyone. I am the only one wearing diapers to school that I know but I don't tell anyone i am wearing them so if anyone else is wearing them too, I don't know about it. Yeah it is really nice having dry clothes all day but it isn't fun wearing a wet diaper for very long. I change them at least once a day but usually 2 times everyday. There is a teachers lounge that has a bathroom in it and that's where I go to change my diaper. it's private so there is no one else in there most of the time. I do't keep any diapers in my locker, afraid someone would find them. I keep them in my bag that I always carry around. I had to figure out the problem of my period, my mom came up with the idea of just wearing a pad in my diapers but not taking off the sticky tape cover so it is easy to pul out when I have to change my pad but not my diaper. Dressing for school and keeping my diaper hidden is sort of easy now but idk what I'll do in the spring time, everyone else is wearing short skirts and dresses then but I don't think I'll be able to do that too, that part is going to suck. What did you do then Katy??

Posted by Onedering Y on 2016-12-15 00:13:39

Seems to me that if you have to wear a diaper you should also be required to have a parent or guardian change it - just to encourage you to stop wearing it if for no other reason. Email me to discuss more: OnederingY@yandex.com

Posted by Goodnitesgrlcassie on 2017-10-28 13:56:13

Why???? What if it is out of your control having accidents and there is nothing you can do about??? I have done a lot of things to stop wetting myself but it's just something my body does and its not under my control. Being changed by your parents or anyone else is completely embarrassing. I think if its a problem you have and you're not doing it on purpose, then just having the accidents is bad enough. Being forced to get changed by someone else is just wrong


Posted by Adrian00 on 2018-06-21 19:39:25

Im 16 and im a guy , i have to wear diapers at night for bed wetting, i usually don't have wetting accidents during the day but because of me bed wetting my parents starts to make me wear diapers during the day and this cause me to day wet which is very embarrassing. My parents refused to buy goodnites pull ups for me as they think it is very expensive compared to taped on diapers.

I currently wear attends tape on diapers and i usually hide them when i wear them to school, so far only my close friends know that i still wear diapers. I think im the only one in the entire school that still wears diapers.

The worse is when my mom actually checks my diaper before i go to school, no im not joking believe it or not she literally makes me pull down my pants and inspects my diapers. she sometimes does random diaper checks even in public which is super embarrassing regardless if there are other people around me.

My brother who is 14 makes fun of me and actually pantsed me in front of his friends and when his friends came over for sleepover he would pull my blankets off and reveal my diaper to his friends, his friends know that i wear diapers and they joined him in making fun of me. Because of me having to wear diapers our parents treat me like im the younger brother and whenever they are away my 14 year old brother is in charge which is humiliating.