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What evolution really teaches.

Posted by photoguy on 2015-04-19 01:12:40

Evolution teaches that we all came from a rock that exploded and made a big bang. I find that hard to believe.

Posted by salpecam on 2015-04-19 03:05:46

Evolution is not a theory that covers the big bang. The two are separate, unrelated theories in two totally separate disciplines (biology and cosmology/physics)

Evolution is concerned solely with how speciation occurs.

Posted by RWM on 2015-04-19 03:32:16

Your first sentence is true, but the other two are not, or at least not entirely.

In science, the term "evolution" refers to any gradual process of change.

In biology, "evolution" is commonly used to refer to speciation, though not always. I read an article just this past week, for example, which dealt with the process by which the formation of the basic amino acids that comprise living organisms became genetically encoded, which would be a part of abiogenesis, but this process was most definitely referred to in the article as an evolutionary process.

But in astronomy, "evolution" refers to processes that have nothing to do with biology, let alone speciation. For example, the term "stellar evolution" refers to a process by which stars change during their lifetimes.

The Big Bang theory, however, is not by any stretch of the imagination an evolutionary process, and it certainly does not state that everything began with a rock exploding! It actually says that everything began with a flash of light, which gave rise to equal quantities of matter and antimatter.

Posted by Bobbywaffle on 2015-05-01 21:46:02

Either way the first guy is way off. I think he's just messing with people, "a big rock" just to get people to react.

Posted by Caitiff_Primogen on 2015-05-02 09:00:45

This is a flawed poll. Science doesn't prove anything "beyond a reasonable doubt". Science provides the most likely answer given all available evidence