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More girl and boys wrestling stuff

Bra and panties match

Posted by Stephanie M on 2015-03-25 14:00:43

Hi my name is Stephanie and I wrestle my brother a lot and he challenges me to a bra and panties match and I decline but he pulls my skirt down exposing my pink hello kitty panties and I screamed then bent down to pick my skirt up but he pulled them off and said you can have them back when you accept.

I said fine I accept and then he threw the skirt on the ground and I went over there to pick it up but I felt a sharp pain in my $%!@ it was because he was giving me a wedgie and it hurt like hell and after he was done I was trying to pick it out he pulled my shirt off to reveal my pink bra.

I want to get him back in a embarassing match so if you have any ideas plz send me some or reply thnx

Posted by kimmy13wrestles on 2015-03-29 16:25:17

you never said how old u and him are

Posted by sandi_gymnast on 2015-04-01 14:13:45

Hi Stephanie. Before I have a suggestion, do you think you can beat him at wrestling? Or, do you just want to do something really embarrassing to him in front of some of his friends?

Posted by Stephanie M on 2015-04-20 13:58:38

In response to both questions

1) 18 ( me) and 14 ( him)

2) I can beat him but he just took me by surprise so any embarassing match or situation for me to embarass him would be great thank you

Posted by kimmy13wrestles on 2015-04-25 11:43:58

Do you use yahoo chat Steph? Buzz me and maybe we can trade some ideas. Im kimmy13wrestles on yahoo chat and my email is kimmy13wrestles@yahoo.ca