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Male experimenting

Need choices for those of us who had dry orgasms years before we could ejaculate

Posted by early one on 2018-03-22 07:53:04

Poll needs more choices. My best buddy & I experimented when we were young. We both experienced extremely intense dry orgasms, but we were 5 years old at the time - so we were way too young to ejaculate.

Posted by connor.melton on 2018-04-11 00:58:00

I started out having dry orgasms but kept going when I was old enough to ejaculate.

Posted by early one on 2019-05-01 22:58:42

Me too. I experienced my first dry orgasm when I was 5. First ejaculation happened when I was 11. Didn't start getting pubes until I was 13-14, though. Also - my dry orgasms were WAY, WAY more intense than my ejaculatory orgasms, and they were multi-peak, full-body orgasms. Plus, I was multi-orgasmic. I could just keep going & experience as many dry orgasms in a row as I could handle.

All of that disappeared after my first ejaculation. My ejaculatory orgasms were single-peak, they were no longer full-body, they were nowhere near as intense, and I lost my multi-orgasmic ability.

I was NOT happy! :(

Posted by Ruthborn on 2021-09-20 04:11:24

Holy sheet. This is exactly what happened to me! I started when I was 9! Didn't ejaculate till I was 13. My dry orgasms were always way more intense and I could orgasm on and on until my poor $%!@ was raw! This sucks!