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Bottomless is better

Posted by Amanda16 on 2017-08-03 04:11:01

Since there are still many places where public nudity is illegal, I think the next best option is going bottomless. Most of the time when I go out, I'll wear a loose top with absolutely nothing underneath. Sometimes I'll wear a top long enough to cover my bottom. Other times when I'm feeling more risky, i'll wear shorter ones. Last week I was at the mall with my Mom, and I wore a tank top with horizontal lines cut along the entire back of it, and it was only long enough to be level with my p*ssy when I was standing. When I would start walking, it would ride up a few inches until it was showing all of my $%!@. My mom got a lot of stares, but she didnt seem to care. At one point, we went to the food court and ate. I got my food first, and sat down at our table. When she came with her food, she came from behind me. She said she could see my whole $%!@, and my shirt rested about an inch above my buttcrack. I laughed it off and I didnt bother to pull my shirt down. Some old lady passed by and called me disgusting, and she told my mom she should be ashamed of her self. We both gave her the middle finger and she stormed off. We left and went home not long after that. I dont care what people think when they see me, I love going bottomless.

Posted by brownpantiesgirl on 2018-03-04 08:00:43

You are one hot $%!@. I love to do the same. I will bend over and flash my butthole. I love to see the boys get hard. It's so much fun. Do you have pics you'd like to swap?

Posted by Qester6485 on 2018-03-30 07:29:31

Amanda, are you not afraid that guys taking advantage to fondle your $%!@? It must look fantastic.

Posted by Amanda16 on 2018-03-30 10:13:46

That doesn't scare me. It doesnt happen very often, but sometimes people will touch my $%!@ and its thrilling. But i love the way i look and feel when i go bottomless and if someone doesn't think its appropriate, or they think its an invitation to touch my $%!@, i dont care and its not going to stop me from doing it.

Posted by Qester6485 on 2018-03-30 11:10:23

Amanda, I think it is very appropriate the way you dress yourself. I am very glad that it doesn't stop you doing it when people say you shoudn't or when somebody touches your bare $%!@. I think all girls should dress like you. They are made to do it. Nature has given them beauty so they should show it.