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Guys who prefer to wear one shoe only

One shoe

Posted by One Shoe on 2015-01-13 19:12:56

I have gone out in public only wearing one shoe several times. At first I would leave one shoe at home & wear a black sock on one foot & a black shoe on my other foot so it wasn't as noticable. Now I go to the shoe repair store & wear bright colored / novelty socks. I really like when they have to keep my shoe and I have to leave wearing only one shoe. It is especially nice when it is raining outside & my sock gets wet. Would like to hear your stories.

Posted by Left Shoe Only on 2015-01-15 04:19:48

Thanks for your response, One Shoe. I'm pretty much just a sneakers guy myself, so I've never even been to a shoe repair place before. That does sound fun, though.

Posted by Gfire on 2015-01-15 07:42:58

I've been around with one shoe as well. Most of the time it gets stolen, so I've gotten used to walking about with one shoe on

Posted by the one shoed kid on 2015-01-15 10:25:37

if you want to wear just your left shoe then when you get up in the morning just put the left shoe on there's nothing wrong with being different I can't imagine wearing anything on my right foot but a sock in less it's cold and I where two socks.if I get enough responses to my poll and do my report I won't have to worry about it anymore my friends don't even notice our pay attention to the fact I only wear one shoe is just to I am

Posted by Cuterjack on 2015-01-17 07:48:23

hi guys I'm new to this just bored at home I'm 14. I live in Texas anyway I see a lot of polls about wearing one shoe.I never really thought much about it but all I wear is a left shoe and two socks on my right foot it's all I've ever wore. When I was a baby my foot got crushed in an accident I was three half weeks old they wanted to amputate my foot but my parents would let them so my parents couldn't put a shoe on my right foot for a long time so even after it healed and it healed just fine I can do anything I want to do and my foot looks normal and works normal but anyway my mom and dad for whatever reason just never put a shoe back on that foot. I ask why they only gave me one shoe when I got new shoes and they explained to me it's because of my foot was damaged so bad when I was little they felt it would be better if I didn't have a shoe on it it would make it stronger and maybe not give me problems because the doctor told them it would always hurt me give me problems but it never has so I guess what I'm reading some people are one shoed because other kids steal their shoes some kids are one shoed because they want to be. But I'm one shoed because my parents only allow me to wear one which is fine because it's what feels normal and looks normal to me because like I said I'm 14 and I haven't never wore a shoe on my right foot.but anyway to me those that want to wear just one shoe it's no big deal there's nothing you can't do and yes sometimes people ask stupid questions are make stupid comments are like our school they require shoes to be worn so I couldn't go to school barefoot or just wearing socks even if I wanted to but to me it's just normal life when I look down I don't even notice a shoe not there it would be funny if there was one and if my parents told me to try to wear both shoes I would probably lose the right one because it would feel so weird and bug me. But if you have any questions about what it's like or any more questions about why feel free to email me at CuterJackson@gmail.com but the typical questions I get yes I play football and baseball me and my dad rope and I even have a girlfriend I can do anything anybody else can do wearing two shoes I just do it wearing one