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Spanked after 18 for real (punishment)?

I think my punishment was unfair.

Posted by sonjam on 2015-01-04 12:08:55

I am 19 and my sister is 17 and I don't have curfew times now but she does. We went to the same night club for different friends birthdays so we were in different parities. The night club was large and there are about 24 rooms. I got in at about 1.30am which was within my rules but my sister came in a few minutes later after her curfew times. When I left the night club I could not find her so I presumed she went home with somebody else and I tried her phone but got no reply. The next day Mum made my sister bend over in the living room and gave her 6 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom. I was then astonished to be ordered bend over the table and I got the same punishment. Mum said being her older sister I should have made sure she got home on time. I don't mind taking my punishment when I have been naughty but I felt I had done everything I could. We both got bare bottom corner time.