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Wedgie Stories

My Wedgie Stories

Posted by fariojas1003 on 2015-01-08 07:27:29

I'm just going to place both of my stories here for everyone to read. I elaborated a bit more on here than I did in the actual poll.

I had a friend named Andres who after some previous experience loved giving wedgies. I was the only one that knew so for his seventeenth birthday last march I decided I'd give him a birthday wedgie. so the day before Ispent the day with him and when we went up to his room I pulled his pants down and lifted the waistband of his black hanes boxer briefs as high as I could. He laughed and squirmed until I let go.

One time when I was sixteen I was staying the night at my friend David's who never liked that I sagged my pants/basketball shorts, it was like a pet peeve of his. So when I was just laying on his bed while we watched tv he grabbed my hands, tied them together with a shoelace and than sat on my back. He said, "you should stop sagging!" and pulled as hard as he could on my red with black star, snoopy boxer shorts. I begged him to stop but he continued pulling on them till finally I heard a loud ripping noise. He than tore off the rest of my underwear and used it to tie my ankles together. They weren't that hard to get out of but that didn't stop him from pulling on my basketball shorts wedgieing them too. Again he stopped after he heard a second ripping noise. My entire hip area was sore the worst being my bum from the basketball shorts that hurt far worse than the loose boxer shorts. After he laughed for awhile he let me free and gave me some white boxer briefs and a pair of basketball shorts to change into. I was pretty embarrassed but it was just between us two so I didn't make a big deal out of it.