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Have you ever tied up someone or have you been tied up?


Posted by nakedrhode on 2015-01-05 23:39:30

I have been tied and I have also tied others as well .I was tied naked and played with by several 18 year old girls. I have tied several girlfriends in some very public places.

Posted by Ramona_D on 2015-02-04 22:52:56

I got tied up topless in my jeans after some boys took away both my tank top and bikini top. I was tied to a chair, with both my wrists and ankles bound. They played with my nipples and tickled my belly and armpits but didn't try and take my jeans off. I later got one of the boys back and tied him up in the same way; shirtless in his jeans. I tickled his belly and armpits and teased his nipples quite a bit too.

Posted by 44DD on 2015-12-01 11:01:36

When I was 17 my boyfriend asked if he could tie me up. I found it strange for him to ask as I was the more sexually adventurous one in the relationship and if anything I had started to get bored of our sexual encounters so much so that a couple of weeks before I had drunkenly offered myself on a plate to one of his mates although nothing happened. Anyway I was turned on by the idea and hoped it may rekindle our romance. He asked me to put on my sexiest underwear which I did and then he told me to sit on a chair. He was being really dominant which I also enjoyed as it wasn't his normal style. He tied my ankles to the chair legs using two of my silk scarves and then pulled my arms round the back of the chair and bound them together with a thin rope. All of the ties were tight and I had no way of escape. He asked me if I wanted to be gagged but I said no. He then teased me for around 10 minutes before slowly removing my bra. Then he rubbed between my legs for another 5 minutes before untying my thing so I was totally naked. Then he disappeared for a few seconds which added to the suspense before returning. He slowly made his way down until his face was between my legs. Then, suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I thought it strange immediately as it was almost as if he was expecting it and he straight away stopped what he was doing and got up to answer it. I couldn't hear what was happening but within moments he returned through the door - followed by 3 of his mates (including the one I had 'propositioned')!!! I couldn't do anything other than sit there totally naked. I was in tears and he was just talking to his friends as if I wasn't there. Suddenly after about 5 minutes he turned round to his mates and said 'oh sorry guys, should have introduced you, this is my EX-girlfriend #€%*. Feel free to do what you like to her while you're here, she doesn't feel I satisfy her so you guys are welcome to give it a go'. I was literally bawling my eyes out but her didn't care. To their credit none of the guys touched me at all, but that didn't stop the constant staring and comments about my boobs and genitals. After what seemed like years (but was probably an hour/hour and a half) his friends left. He untied me and told me to get out of his house. I tried to reason with him but he didn't care. It had obviously all been planned and I couldn't believe he could humiliate me like that. We have never spoken since and I'm now very careful about situations I put myself in.

Posted by boizrus on 2015-12-01 12:52:08

44DD you got what you deserved. Throwing yourself at another person in front of the one you are in a relationship with is bound to cause upset. You are lucky he didn't strip you in club and invite all and sundry to enjoy you.