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Diapers for teen girls

Here are my answers from me :) Kiara

Posted by mandi2 on 2020-04-17 01:57:17

I know of three of my friends who attended purity balls with their dads when they were 16 and 17 and all three of them wore a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their white tights with their white dresses.They told me that their parents required to wear them to make them feel pure like a baby.They said it was different having them on! The one friend said a girl she saw in the rest room had plastic pants on without a diaper under them under her dress.

Posted by mandi2 on 2020-07-01 12:03:45

To quina-Your mom does the right thing by putting you in a diaper and plastic pants for occasions!She wants you to feel pure and innocent like a little girl and keep your mind off of boys!Wearing diapers and plastic pants really do help teen girls feel cute and help protect their purity,so keep on wearing them!

Posted by mandi2 on 2020-10-08 00:19:07

Your mom does the right thing by making you and your sisters wear the diaper and plastic pants for special occasions.She wants you three to feel cute and to keep you pure and innocent.It makes moms feel good when they have their tee daughters ib diapers and plastic pants!