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Diapers for teen girls

Here are my answers from me :) Kiara

Posted by pacifier on 2016-07-04 15:44:21

KiaraC-for your communion did you have to wear a white dress,etc and did you have your diaper under your dress?here in the catholic church,its the full white poofy dress and veil with tights or lace socks and white shoes and the cloth diaper and plastic pants under the dress for both first communion and confirmation.

Posted by Goodnitesgrlcassie on 2016-07-24 18:29:14

I had to wear a disposable diaper use my dresses for both my communion and for my confirmation. It was cause I have bladder problems, that's the only reason I had to wear them then. It was a little embarrassing to say the least. I do not know if any other girls in my class wore them too. Cassie

Posted by EllKy on 2016-08-14 21:42:36

In my family, my mom puts my sister, my brother, and I in diapers and plastic underpants when we take long car trips to see relatives. She wears them too. It happens about once a month. I'm 19, my sister is 15 and my brother is 13. When we get to where we're going, mom checks us and changes us if we are wet or soiled. I don't have accidents but don't mind wearing them. My sister and I can laugh about it but our brother hates it. I just wear something so they don't show. He can't do it.

Posted by Goodnitesgrlcassie on 2017-01-26 11:46:26

Do you get bathroom breaks at all?? I get chances to have a bathroom break but I don't decide when it is, just my parents do. If I have to go and we're not stopping, then I have to use my diapers. If I have an accident, then I have to wait until we stop to change.

You don't mind wearing them even if you dont don't have acvidents?? It's cool you and your sister laugh about it. What's yiur brothers problem with wearing them if yiu and your sister don't mind?

Posted by pacifier on 2017-01-28 20:34:27

My parents required me to wear a cloth diaper and "rubberpants"[plastic pants] under both my first communion and confirmation dresses and it was weird! Mom told some other people and female relatives that i had a cloth diaper and 'rubberpants'on under my dresses and they lifted up both dresses and checked them out! the plastic pants fit me blousy and crinkled all the time when i walked.Even by crush saw the diaper and plastic pants on me and thought i looked like a baby!