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Diapers for teen girls

Here are my answers from me :) Kiara

Posted by mikey1981 on 2015-07-13 11:47:53

KiaraC - Did you wear wear baby diapers when you were younger? If so, when did you stop wearing them?

Posted by RhodaN on 2015-07-14 01:27:50

KiaraC, I get scared anytime I'm wearing a diaper that someone else will find out. That's why I'm really careful about what I wear. My mother doesn't make me wear them that often. She says it's to be sure I'm protected. She makes my sisters and me all do it even though we don't have accidents. My mother still wears them for the same reason. When she was a teenager she had some accidents but I don't think that's a good reason for us to have to do it. I hope you don't have to wear a diaper anymore real soon and that no one ever finds out about it.

Posted by KiaraC on 2015-07-14 23:58:33

Hi quina, I get put in them a lot and I mean a LOT and don't like it very much. Yeah they help with my accidents but I would rather wear panty pads or at least some pull ups like GoodNites or something. I am so careful too. I have disposable diapers, their Tranquility ATns. They are plastic on the outside so even mine still make a lot of noise plus their so big they stick out the top so easily that's it's hard sometimes to pick good clothes that still cover up my diaper. They're ok to wear just sometimes they get a little uncomfortable. I def don't like them on in the summer, too hot. Kiara

Posted by KiaraC on 2015-07-15 00:03:22

RhondaN, I'm exaclty the same way too!! I am scared all the time I'm wearing them, so afraid someone will find out I got a diaper on. Way too embarrassing if it happens which it has sometimes. I still have accidents sometimes, well a everyday sometimes but they really aren't that bad but my parents want me to wear the diaper I wear to bed for my bed wetting all day which sucks when I have to. I had to wear them last weekend for a family trip hiking to park by us, it sucked!! I HaTeD iT so muuuch!! I asked them not to make me but still had to put them on and wear them all day. I hope no one ever finds out too but sometimes they do and it's sooo embarrassing for me. I hope no one ever finds out about you to. My parents think it's no big problem but to me it is a bIG one. Thery don't seem to ever listen to me about them. Just tell me to put them on and keep them on. Kiara

Posted by pacifier on 2016-03-10 14:16:34

RhodaN-i had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my white dresses for my catholic baptism at 14,my first communion at 15,and my confirmation at 16.my parents required me to wear them and they put them on me each time.i also had to wear them in a wedding also.I dont have accidents,but my parents make me wear them to make me feel cute and to protecr my purity and innocence.