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Diapers for teen girls

Here are my answers from me :) Kiara

Posted by mikey1981 on 2015-07-07 12:26:27


Did you ever have to wear baby diapers (huggies, pampers, luvs) during the day for a special event or a trip?

Posted by RhodaN on 2015-07-08 03:34:30

I have to wear a diaper and plastic pants for special occasions and when traveling. So do my two younger sisters. We 19, 14 and 11 years old. We wear dresses and skirts so no one else can tell. Our mother makes us wear them even though we don't have accidents. I don't like it and would be humiliated if some one else found out I was wearing one. A guy I know was really looking at me once and I thought for sure he could tell. Then he complimented me for looking so beautiful and feminine in the dress I was wearing. I was really relieved and thanked him for the nice comment.

Posted by KiaraC on 2015-07-09 21:21:08

Hi Mikey1981 No I so not wear baby diapers anymore. They don't fit me as I'm 13 almost 14 years old now. I still do often have to wear diapers though during the day, they are youth diapers. They are just like baby diapers so to me it's the same thing. Still don't like it when I have to wear them all day long.

I have 2 little brothers, one still wears them tho. He fits into Pampers Cruisers size 7 and so he still wears those. Pretty much all trips and a lot of special events I have to wear a diaper for.

Hugs Kiara

Posted by KiaraC on 2015-07-09 21:23:46

Rhonda, OMG!!!! It's so good he didn't notice you had a diaper on, that would have sucked so badly!! I'm so afraid of being discovered wearing mine!! It freaks me right out a lot!!! Especially around cute guys. If you all don't have accidents, why does she make yo u wear them?? I still have accidents so that's why for me but even if I'm doing a lot better with my accidents, i'm still told to wear a diaper that day, hate it, who knows why?? and it bugs me alot!!

hugs! Kiara

Posted by quina on 2015-07-12 21:57:28

I get put in a diaper and plastic pants on some occasions by my mother even though I don't have accidents. I'm 16. I'm very careful to do whatever it takes so that no one will find out. I don't really mind having to wear them it's I don't want anyone else to know it. That would be so humiliating and embarrassing.