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Diapers for teen girls

Here are my answers from me :) Kiara

Posted by KiaraC on 2014-11-23 08:41:26

How old are you?


What type of diaper do you have to wear?

Youth disposable diaper

Have you ever worn both types, which ones did you like more? Disposable ones Cloth ones I only wear disposable ones.

What brand of diapers do you wear now? If you know it. I wear Tranquility ATN which are all thru the night youth diapers, mine are size small.

Did you get to pick what diapers you have to wear?

No, my parents picked them for me

Do you like the diapers they got you?

No but they are ok

If you like them, what do you like about them? I like that I can go in them and nothing else on me gets wet. I like that when I have an accident, I'm the only one who knows I just had an accident.

If you don't like them what do you not like about them? I don't like that they are big on me, that they are all plastic on the outside so it makes sound sometimes. When they are wet, i'm not really liking the feeling of them. I don't like how they fit under my clothes sometimes and that they are hard to hide with some clothes because they go up so high on me, like up over my stomach high. They get really warm a lot and in the summer the outside plastic even sticks to the inside of my legs which I hate.

If you could make your own diaper, what would change to make them better to you? I would make them a little smaller, like the same size as maybe goodnites or other pull ups so they aren't as big as they are. I would make the outside cloth cover so hit doesn't make any noise.

Do they have tapes or velcro? Tapes

Do you ever have to put extra tape on them, like around you waist so they stay on or up? Sometimes

If you put extra tape on them, do you decide when you get it put on?

No, my parents decide that for me.

If you get extra tape put on your diaper, do you mind it? Yes because it is too tight then. Yes because I can't get them off when I want to Yes because then I need help getting my diaper taken off from someone else.

If you get extra tape put on, who does it?

My mom My dad

If you can't get your diaper off in time or by yourself, do you feel like you have to go in them always? Yes

If you need help getting them off then, do you get embarrassed asking for help?

Yes it is really embarrassing to ask for help getting them off Yes because it's the only way I can get them off me.

If you have the extra tape on them, how do you get them off when you need to? It has to be cut off with scissors

If it has to be cut off you, who does that part? Both my mom or dad

If you diaper has to be put on with extra tape sometimes, how do you feel about it? I really don't like it when I have to get the extra tape put on. It's not my choice when that happens, it's up to my parents who say I need it so they put it on my diaper. I don't like it because then my diaper can feel tight around my waist and the tape sort like digs into my skin around my waist sometimes. I don't lie that I cannot get my diaper off myself and can't get it off in a hurry when I want it off. Yeah it helps hold up my diaper so it doesn't get all saggy or whatever but I just don't having to get the tape on them.

When it's a special occasion, who decides you will wear a diaper?

Both my mom or my dad decide that for me

If you don't get to decide on special occasions, do they tell you first ahead of time you'll be wearing a diaper?

No, but I already expect it because I'm used to it now.

Yes but I know something special is coming up and I know I'll have to wear a diaper for it.

Do you mind wearing a diaper for special occasions?

Yes but I don't have a choice Yes because I would rather wear something else, like a pull up or panty pads

When you wear a diaper for special occasions, how do you feel about it? It makes me feel like i'm being treated like a little kid because they make me wear a diaper on special occasions. I don't like that feeling because because then I feel like no one wants me to use the bathroom and just go in my diaper. It's hard too like if there's other little kids around or kids my age and i'm still wearing a diaper but I know they aren't.

When you wear a diaper just for special occasions, do you just go in them then even if you know you can make it in time?

Yes because that's why I'm wearing them Yes because I am supposed to >> This what my parents think I should do!! Yes because it's easier

If you go in them and it's not an accident, what is it for? Just peeing only

When you have to wear them on special occasions, can you change them when you want to?

Yes but I have to ask or tell someone first.

No, just at certain times No, not until I use the whole diaper

How do you feel about going in your diaper when you know it's not an accident? I HATE it!! if it's not an accident that I didn't know about then I hate having to pee in my diaper like on purpose. Even if I tell my parents I have to go soon, they still sometimes tell me that I should go in my diaper instead because there's like no bathroom close or that they won't stop whatever so I can go. It makes me feel stupid for having to pee in a diaper on purpose.

Who changes your diaper on special occasions?

Me but I need supervision when doing it Me but I have to ask or tell someone first

If you do them yourself, do you get checked afterwards to make sure your still wearing a diaper? Yes

If you get checked, by who? My mom My dad

If you get checked, how do they check you to make sure your wearing your diaper?

I have to pull my bottoms down to show my diaper I have to lift my dress or skirt to show my diaper They feel for it through my clothes They put their hand between my legs to feel for my diaper They poke my crotch They pat my butt to feel for my diaper

Do you mind having to prove your diaper is on? Yes

If you mind, why?

Because I'm too old for diaper checks Because It's embarrassing to me Because it's a private thing and don't like anyone else feeling for it. I'm old enough that I shouldn't have to prove it to them.

If you don't mind, why not?

If you get checked still, why do they check you if you know? Because I lied to them one time and didn't put a diaper on. Because I took my diaper off when they weren't looking Because they know I don't like diapers so they know I won't wear it unless I am told to. I took off my diaper once and someone else told on me. I took off my diaper and had an accident they saw or found out about. I got caught doing all of these one time.

How do you feel about getting checked for your diaper if your a teen? I feel like it is stupid, i'm 13 years old now and don't need diaper checks anymore but my parents still think I need them. Its' embarrassing to me that I still get them and they say it's for my own good.

When your wearing a diaper for special days, do you wear certain clothes for it too? Yes

If you wear certain clothes for daytime diapers, why do you choose this? So it hide my diaper better I have to get dressed up in fancy clothes So my diapers feels more comfortable on me for a long time So I can change my diaper easier because of my clothes. So my diaper won't feel as hot and warm. So no one else will notice I'm wearing a diaper I have to all of these if I have to wear my diaper all day. It just helps making wearing them a little bit better.

If you wear certain clothes because you have to wear a diaper, what clothes do you like the best if you can pick anything out? i like loose and baggy clothing to wear. It helps hide my diaper a lot more than tight clothes. I like longer tops and shirts. i like wearing jeans too but not so much in the summer.

If you have to wear a diaper for a special day, do you have to wear a dress too? Yes, it's a fancy thing I'm going to Yes, my parents want me dressed up nice Yes so my diaper can be changed more easily

If you wear a dress and your diaper is on under it, can you wear anything else too over your diaper? No, nothing else but my diaper Yes, tights and hose

I cannot wear any underwear at all over any of my diapers.

If you have to wear a diaper and wear a dress, do you mind? Yes If you mind, why? It might make my diaper visible to other people My diaper is too noisy so they'll hear it more because I'm wearing a dress. My dress slides up a lot. Other kids might look up my dress and see my diaper. It's harder to sit down and not show my diaper

If you don't mind, why not? My dress will hide my diaper the best It's a lot easier to change my diaper if I wear a dress It's cooler wearing a dress with my diapers

How do you feel about wearing a dress and a diaper on special occasions? I don't like it but still have to do it. I've asked for pull ups like a million times but they still make me wear a diaper.

What special occasions do you have a diaper for? Pick all the ones you had to wear a diaper for Christmas Thanksgiving Fourth of July Any holidays with family Weddings Family parties To Church Trips somewhere Vacations Anyone elses house for a party Sleep overs, someone elses house Sleep overs at my house Girl scout field trips School field trips When I'm an alter girl at Church To the doctors office or dentists office To my orthodontist office To a theme park For camping For a hike somewhere For a boat ride To go skiing or snowboarding To go snowmobiling To go ice skating To go sledding

Is there any time or place you had to wear a diaper that was considered a special occasion that I didn't ask? I have to wear them for all the things above.

Do you ever complain about wearing a diaper on special occasions? Yes

If you complain about it, who do you tell? My mom My dad My family, like aunts My grand parents

If you complain about it, do they listen to you?

No they ignore me

If they listen to you, do you believe they are really listening to you? No

If you complain about the diapers, what do they say to you about it? That I still have to wear them anyways That I really do need them That I'm only complaining to them and shouldn't That the diapers are to help me That diapers are for a good reason That diapers are only temporary for that day so I can just get over it. That diapers aren't really that bad to wear That diapers are to protect me from an embarrassing accident My parents both of them say all that stuff to me all the time when I complain about my diapers

If you complain about them too, what do you usually say to your parents? I just tell them that I'll be the only one wearing diaper and that I'm the too old for them. I'll say that if i have to wear a diaper then I get stuck going in it which I don't like at all.

If your parents say you are just complaining about your diapers, what do they say to you? They tell me that I need them and that's all to it. They tell me that me wearing a diaper is the best thing for my accidents and that I should want to wear them anyways.

Do you get in trouble for complaining too much to them about wearing a diaper all day? Yes

If you get in trouble for complaining too much, what happens to you? I get yelled at I get sent to my room I get sent to a time out I get my privilages taken away I can lose my allowance I can get spanked I can get grounded I can get my phone taken away I can lose my computer time I can all this stuff done to me if I keep complaining about it and my dad yells at me.

Do you think it's fair that you can get punished for complaining about having to wear a diaper on a special occasion? Yes it's unfair

Do you ever refuse to put the diaper on? Yes

If you refuse to put it on, what happens to you next? I get in trouble for doing that Nothing , they let me go If you refuse to put it on and you get in trouble for it what happens to you? I get it put on me against my will I lose my privilages and things until I put it on I get sent to my room or the time out until I put it on. I get spanked until I cooperate and put it on Yes I got all of this at one time or another for refusing to put a diaper on.

Did you ever get a diaper put on you against your will?

Yes, not that long ago

If you get it put on you against your will, do your parents make it then so you can't take it off?

Yes, anytime that happens

If you ever had your diaper put on against your will, how did it make you feel? I hated it so much. I had it put on me by my dad and he then taped it on me so tight so I couldn't get it off.

If you ever had your diaper put on against your will, how did they do it? My dad grabbed me and threw me on my bed and then took of all my bottoms and underwear and made me lay still while he got a diaper on me.

Who puts on your diaper if you refuse to put it on yourself?

My dad

How much longer do you think you'll still have to wear diapers for special occasions? I don't know

Posted by pacifier on 2015-04-27 01:04:04

To KiaraC-my parents make me wear cloth diapers and 'rubberpants"[plastic pants] for holidays and special occasions. I had to wear them for my catholic baptism at 14,my first communion at 15 and under my white confirmation dress at 16.i feel like a baby when i am wearing them! have you heard of catholic teen girls wearing diapers and plastic pants under poofy baptism dresses and first communion dresses and confirmation dresses?I have heard of teen girls being required to wear them under their white dresses.Do you think girls should wear cloth diapers and plastic pants under white dresses to symbolize infant purity!

Posted by KiaraC on 2015-05-23 13:52:48

To pacifier- No i never heard of that but it was me too that wore diapers under all my dresses for church special events. I feel like a baby too when I'm in church and wearing a diaper under my dress. I wear disposable diapers that are plastic on the outside but nothing like plastic pants over them, just my diaper. I did get to wear some underwear over the diaper but that's only when i'm wearing a dress. If I'm wearing pants or shorts then I can't wear the underwear. Did you wear the diapers for accidents? I still have accidents wetting myself so that's why I wear them. I'm glad I'm not having wetting accidents in public like at church because I'm in a diaper but it's still very embarrassing to me to have to wear the diapers. I'm not catholic but i'm lutheran so i haven't had confirmation classes yet, that's this summer for me. But I did have my communion and it's was a special day, like at church then my parents had a party for me after it at our house with all my relatives over.

Posted by LeahHH on 2015-07-01 01:27:00

My mom makes me wears diapers and plastic underpants a lot because I've had two accidents in the past. She wears them herself most of the time because she has a lot of accidents. When I leave the house and have to wear a diaper, I always wear a dress to hide it. I've learned how to walk and move so the plastic underpants don't make noise. I don't think anyone else knows that I have to wear them. I sometimes get compliments on the dresses I wear but it's still humiliating to have to wear them because I'm 17 years old.

Posted by KiaraC on 2015-07-05 17:03:17

Hi LeaHH, I wear a lot of different clothing to hide my diapers too. You're right, it is very humiliating to still be wearing them when you're older. Mine are the disposable ones but are plastic on the outside, so yeah I know exactly what you mean by the noise. It's so embarrassing when they make the noise and your trying to hide it.