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Do you have to wear a diaper when you go on vacation?

Vactions at my aunts

Posted by michelle_poll on 2017-07-03 09:57:29

Hello, im 15 years and staying at my aunts house for 2 weeks, first week is over now. I'm a bedwetter and totaly understand and accept that i have to wear diapers at night.

Occasionaly i still have little wetting accidents at day too but at home my parents say it is okay and they only send me to change my clothes. Thats it.

My aunt is more strict about that. At first she made me wear one from her now ten year old daughters pullups wo where leftover when she was still struggling with that too. The second day i unfortunalty had an accident. My aunt didnt yelled or punished me, but she was clearly didapointed and said im here for vacation and not potty training so i will have to wear diapers the whole time for the rest of my stay. Its so embarassing especialy in front of my cousin or when she has friends over but at least no one else knows me here

Posted by KiaraC on 2017-08-05 19:44:14

Hi Michelle,

I'm 15 also and have bladder problems too. I wear diapers and pull ups too. It's totally and completely embarrassing. I'm sorry about what happened to you at your aunts house. Yah she is being pretty strict. One good thing is that yea, you don't knowthem and they don't know you when you have your cousinsfriends over. Soo thats good I guess. I guess you had abad accident or was it a small one? Mine are completely unpredictable so figuring them out sucks. During the school year, I wear GoodNites but they don't work very long. A lot of times I'm wearing a diaper, I have Attends that my parents get for me. What are you wearing??? I hope GoodNites but maybe not. Have you talked your mom about whats going on??

Posted by michelle_poll on 2017-08-07 11:37:07

Hi Kiara, thnks for your nice post Im glad that im back home and this permanent diapertime is over. I was only allowed to take it off when i had to poop. For pee my aunt told me i should just not think about and let it go if i had too. I have tena diapers, the same like im used to wear at night. And yeah i have talked to my parents, they told me they understand that i dont like it but they also said that it maybe a good idea from my aunt to keep my mind free from toilet stress. Now that im back its hard to get used to the toilet again and i allready had accidents in my pants again so im also thinking about to wear pull ups to school at least for a while

Posted by KiaraC on 2017-08-12 14:24:17

Hi Michelle I'm glad your back home now and not stuck doing the permament diaper time so you have to feel better about that :) Yeah I can imagine you're having a hard time avoiding accidents since you spent a while just peeing in diapers. I've been in them almost my whole life so trying to keep undies dry is very difficult for me. All you can do is try your best and not worry if you have and accident, it sorta isn't your fault. Being told to just pee in your diaper isn't like the best feeling in the world, I know it too cause that's what Im almost always told to do, it sucks sometimes and is usually embarrassing to me. Then theres the whole comfort thing too. That part bothers me a lot still yet I'm so used to it now. There's a bunch of stuff that bothers me but some of it is good to. I do like that all my accidents are hidden, not really anyone finds out when I have one which I love. One thing, cause you were told to pee in yours and weren't allowed to take it off, just remember then it isn't your fault!

Posted by michelle_poll on 2017-08-13 11:20:17

Hi Kiara, Thanks for your nice words, i try to keep that in mind. I just had another little accident yesterday and its frustrating. I really think about to wear pullups but it also embrasses me, it would feel like im a toddler in potty training and im also worrying about it could make it worse when i have to worry less about. but the constant fear about wetting my pants is not good for my mental health too, The more im thinking about the more im getting angier at my aunt for making my problems worse