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Do you have to wear a diaper when you go on vacation?

My sister

Posted by katyc1999 on 2014-11-23 17:28:02

Hey Want to tell you about something that happened with my younger sister a few weeks ago during half-term at school when we went on a holiday to the English west country where my mum comes from, we live in London.

Before we left home in the morning for the long drive down my mum told my sister and I put on our disposable absorbent underwear, because as I've said before, we both have a tendency to wet our knickers if we can get to the toilet quickly enough. She thought there could be some parts of the journey where we might not be able stop to find a loo fast enough and she didn't want anyone wetting their self in the car. I think my mum might even have put on some leak protection herself too. I didn't really mind as it’s better than having an accident my sister wasn't happy about it even though she’s a worse daytime wetter than me, in fact my mum’s been threatening to put her back in nappies 24/7 after she wet herself at school twice in the previous week.

We left home after breakfast about 8am, we’d been driving on the motorway for about 1½ hours when I started to feel the need to pee, so I asked my mum when we’d be able to stop and she said there was service station coming up in a 20 minutes. I was sat in the front seat of the car and my sister was in the back so couldn’t really see her, after about 10 minutes she starting says “are at the service station yet?, I really need to pee!”. When we finally arrived at to the service station and started to walk to the toilets I noticed she was walking a bit strangely, I thought may be she’d started to pee in the drynites pants I thought she was wearing. We got to the toilets, they were nearly empty and we went in to adjoining cubicles, I barely made it, I did have a couple of small dribbles leak out just before we stopped, if I hadn't have been wearing protection I’d probably have had to change my knickers. But it was enough that I need to change my protection. My mum and I left our cubicles and were washing my hands when started to hear crying coming from my sister cubicle. “are you OK?” my mum asked. “I didn't make it on time” she relied. “OK, do you have a spare drynite with you?” “I wasn't wearing one.” “What you mean?”. “I forgot to put one before we left the house.” I think so was lying and did my mum too, when she unlocked the door to the cubicle you could see she’d completely wet herself, her knickers and her jeggings were soaking wet. I never seen my mum so angry with one of us for wetting herself. I had wait with my sister whilst my mum went back to the car and got her some clean clothes from our luggage. When she was changing she made sure she put a pair of her drynites on.

Posted by KiaraC on 2014-11-23 19:39:03

I'm sorry that happened to her. It happened to me a few times when I was wearing pull ups and they leaked in the car, I guess they are the same thing as drynites. Now I have to wear a diaper in the car, I can't wear any types of pull ups at all. It has to be a real diaper and the ones I wear at home for bedtime. Mine are Tranquility ATNS, they are a disposable diaper but for bigger kids and teens, I wear the small size ones. I'm sorry your mom got so mad at your sister, she shouldn't have forgot to put on her drynites. did she really forget it or do you think she just didn't want to wear it? I'm 13 and still get checked for diapers to make sure I really have it on because when I was a little younger I lied about wearing it when I really didn't have a diaper on. I hope your mom isn't still mad at her by now. Tell your sister I'm sorry about what happened to her.