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Do you have to wear a diaper when you go on vacation?

My name is Kiara

Posted by KiaraC on 2014-11-03 14:56:02

Hi, my name is Kiara and I live in NY. I'm 13 years old and have two little brothers. I still have accidents wetting my bed almost every night and I still sometimes wet myself during the day time. I wear diapers at night, they are tranquiiltiy youth diapers so they are disposable ones but they are just like the baby diapers. I wear pads in my underwear in the day time now and that's every day, even to school. My brothers are 10 and 6 years old. My middle brother wets his bed but not as much as I do, he still wears pull ups to bed but nothing during the day. My little brother he wets his bed too like me and a lot like I do and he still wets his pants during the daytime. He wears pull ups a lot during the day time and sometimes a diaper. He wears a diaper to bed too like me. My biggest problem besides still having wetting accidents is that a lot of times a year or even in a month I am told my parents to wear a diaper during the day time, and I mean like all day. I do not like having to wear a diaper all day, i'm 13 years old and I don't think my accidents are all that bad. I don't get many leaks with my panty pads but yeah it happens sometimes. when I go on vacation, i am still put in diapers for the whole vacation. i do them myself but I still have to wear a diaper, I never get to wear underwear on vacations. I get pretty mad about this and I tell my parents all the time that I do not need a diaper on for vacations or other days. They still say I do. I don't have a choice, I have to or else I'll get in trouble. I know I have day time accidents still and I don't like any more than them too. I wear my pads ALL the time and I never skip wearing one. When we go on vacation or have vacation days like parties or family things at my relatives houses, I always have to wear a diaper and so do my brothers. Well I'm not like my brothers but it's like my parents still think I am. I am still very careful and try to never have an accident but it's like they don't care, I still have to wear my diaper. I can't even lie to them and say I am wearing one, they check me because I did lie a long time ago. I'm 13 years old but they don't care, they say i need a diaper on so I will have to wear them. I'm just wondering how common this is because now I'm 13 and want to know if many other girls who still have accidents are treated like I. I have stress and urge incontinence so it's not like I'm doing this all on purpose. I made a poll about vacations, please go do it so I know that I'm not the only teen girl who has to do this stuff. It's super embarrassing to me but it helps to find out if there are other girls or even boys like me. Thanks :) Kiara

Posted by bedwetting girl on 2014-11-08 11:20:54

Hi Kiara, it's realy nice to read your messages and votings. You sounds very nice :)

I'm 14 and a bedwetter too, i wear goodnites and they normaly work fine for me and for leaks i have bedmats under my sheets. At daytime i have to wear them too for "just in case" I also have a younger sibling my sis is 7 but will turn 8 soon she wets the bed too and is in pampers but i guess she also will get goodnites too. I have some embarasing experience as a teenager who is still not completly dry, some you can read in my messages, but on the good side i have some nice and understanding friends and family so its not that bad to me. I don't know if i still would have a so close and loving relationship to my mom if i wouln't have these problem, thats another good side efect i think. Do you know friends or even more in your family who have these problems too..or do you hvae friends who know you still wet? In my opinion its very important to have understanding freinds to accept it better and make it not so frustrating and embarassing

Posted by KiaraC on 2014-11-08 17:01:39

Hi bedwetting girl.

It's nice to met you. It's nice too for you to write me a message. I still wet my bed almost every night. I wet it last night too. I wear a diaper to bed. I can't wear GoodNites even though I tried to. I got too many leaks in them so my parents got me diaper instead. I didn't like them at first but now I got used to them. I still have accidents wetting my pants during the day time too. It's not that bad but my bladder leaks a lot and I can't control it. I wear pads in my underwear all the time. I sometimes have to wear a diaper all day too when my parents tell me to. It's for days when I am vacation or on trips and for holidays and going some places too. Then I feel embarrassed wearing a diaper. I have to brothers, one is 6 and one is 10. My little brother wets his bed a lot too like me but he can wear pull ups to bed. My middle brother just stopped wetting his bed so now he doesn't wear anything to bed for peeing his pants, he's so lucky. When I have to wear a diaper during the day time, so do my brothers too. I went on a trip this summer and all of had to wear diapers every day on it. It's embarrassing wearing diapers in front of your little brothers. I have friends that know too and they are super cool about it and very nice about it. It doesn't bother them that I'm still wetting my pants. We talk about it sometimes but not that much which is what I like. It does help me to have some close friends that know and don't care.

Posted by bedwetting girl on 2014-11-08 19:50:42

Hi Kiara, nice to read you again and i am so glad that you hve nice and understanding friends too :) I think thats realy important even it can be so embarassing than though, like when im in my room with friends and mom came in to remind me to go to the toilet but good that my friends are used to my sometimes anoying mother. how do your middle brother react when he hs to wear a diaper for vacation since he is normaly dry day and night? and is he teasing you when you have to wear but he don't?

Posted by KiaraC on 2014-11-08 20:06:58

Hi, Nice to read your message again too. I love my friends so much because they understand my problem and know it's not anything I can do about it. They know I never do it on purpose so they never tease me about it and they don't even joke about it in front of me so that's nice of them. I'm reminded alot to always change my panty pads from my mom and my dad too. They always ask me if my pad is still dry and to check it of I do not really know but I know mostly when it's wet. I change them whenever I pee in it unless I can't do it right away, like at school. So sometimes it's embarrassing to me when my mom tells me to check my pad in front of other people. My middle brother wears pull ups when they make him for vacations and he doesn't like it but he doesn't really care so he only says something to them at the beginning. He doesn't tease me that much but he asks a lot of my diaper is still dry. It's super embarrassing because he has underwear on and I have a diaper on. If I say something to my parents about my diaper, like complain about it he'll say to me that it's so good he gets to wear underwear. That bothers me a lot! I get embarrassed a lot when I have to wear a diaper and I'm older than him but he has underwear on. Sometimes I have to prove that I have a diaper on in front of him on vacations and that's embarrassing to me. In the morning too he'll say that I peed in my diaper because he can tell but he can't see it but he says stuff like that to bug me a lot.