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One shoe at school

Wearing one to school

Posted by Laramie on 2015-05-22 01:02:15

Hi my name is Laramie found this poll and back in March me and my friends were going to the park to skate and on the way we passed this new shoe donation box and is said we accept single shoes are pairs of shoes so my buddies dared me to donate one of my shoes so I walked over and took my right shoe off and donated they laughed and we went onto the skate Park and skated to a three hours when we were done we went back to my house when we walk back by the donation box the gas said are you sorry you gave your shoe away yet I said no it's just a shoe I don't care I have one or not and we kept going towards the house and they said if you're so brave when we get to your house gather up all your right shoes and will donate them I just looked at him and told him I didn't care do what they wanted to do so when we got home they gathered all my right shoes up and we went back and they donated them all leaving me with just a bunch of left shoes . I didn't think much about it the next morning I got up to get dressed for school and was running late the bus was out front honking the horn so I ran down the stairs my mom was standing there she said were your shoe I told her I couldn't find the buses here I got a go. When I got home that afternoon I had to tell my mom what happened we been fighting over it every sense I have to write a blog talking about just having one shoe and even post pictures as part of my punishment I still think it's funny and most the time it doesn't bother me but every now and then it does if you have any questions my blog is laramiejackson01.wordpress.com

Posted by jaymeister on 2015-05-22 13:18:52

Nice of you to donate all your right shoes to those in need. Now donate your left shoes as well.

Posted by I wear Only one Shoe on 2015-05-23 00:49:58

I think that what you did (putting one of you shoes) in a donation box was a wonderful thing. Not only is it honorable, but at the same time - it shows you care for those that have nothing to wear on their feet.

Parents always seem to go over the edge about things like this, but they don't realize that you want to be different and there is no other way to do that but by simply being yourself. If you want to wear one shoe, then that is your opinion - it is not right for other people to judge you for that.

I was wondering: "Have you tried any other one shoe fun?" like: Rollerblading (with only one rollerblade on), wearing one shoe to go see a movie or anything of the sort? If you haven't tried these, you should really give them a shot, and see how they feel this way.

And don't listen to what other people say about giving up your left shoes as well to charity - that's your choice to make. But if I was you, I would keep all my left shoes regardless; one shoe is plenty.

Brian Johnson

Posted by Laramie on 2015-05-23 03:06:05

Thanks I do anything any kids my age does . I donated everything I had for my right foot so I go to school the mal,l skate whatever I do with a sock on my foot are bare

if you have any questions my blog is laramiejackson01.wordpress.com

@Jacksonlaramie for twitter

Posted by I wear Only one Shoe on 2015-05-23 11:36:33

I just wanted to let you know, that I am proud of you for being able to do anything with just one shoe on, that takes a lot effort; without being "forced" to do so.

Also, by judging by how you replied to my message - you got the knack rather quickly, that takes not only guts, but determination; mostly getting used to the unbalanced feeling on your feet.

I don't know how to use a twitter blog to reply to you, I tried a couple of times - but I only ended up getting lost in that program.

So if you ever wish to chat with me, my e-mail address is: briananddash@hotmail.com

And one quick question Laramie - by "skate", do you mean -- roller skating or skate boarding? Just though I'd ask.

If it is roller skate, how do you feel when you wear one roller skate / roller blade and go skating? Is it fun?

Brian Johnson