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One shoe at school

Wearing one to school

Posted by Blaze190 on 2014-10-30 09:24:06

A place to share your stories of going to school or being in public wearing one shoe

Posted by Gfire on 2014-11-08 12:11:26

I remember one time during class in high school, we were watching this movie in class. I had my feet propped on my friends desk next to me. He had grabbed my right shoe, and pulled it of my foot, and started tossing it around with his friends. Once he got it back, he left the classroom with it and came back 5 minutes later without it. I asked 'What did you do with my shoe". and he responded with "You'll have to look forit." I tried finding it before I had to go to my next class, but I couldnt find it anywhere, so I spent the whole day in one shoe and my white sock

Posted by mike738 on 2014-12-04 02:46:52

I got up and got dressed Monday and couldn't find my right boot I looked everywhere and couldn't find it so I decided just to go to school wearing one boot when I got there everyone gave me a hard time asking why I just had a white sock on my foot I told them I lost my boot but by second period no one said anything. So when I got home I looked for my boot and finally found it my little brother had put it in his toy box The next day when I got to school wearing two boots my friends grabbed me and pulled my right boot off and ran off with it saying see if you can find this time and I never found so I spend the day wearing a left boot and a white sock on my other foot. I have spend all week wearing one boot my mom refuses to replace them and told me I better find it.I don't care if I find it or not I kinda like being differnt.

Posted by I wear Only one Shoe on 2015-05-12 18:26:41

I agree with you mike738, there is nothing wrong with being different (wearing one shoe and all). Just the feeling of touching the school floor or the uneven ground with the shoeless foot is special.

As for myself, I have always been a one shoe young man myself - I would nothing more than my left shoe / boot only when I went to school and my other foot was bare (with a white sock on it). I loved going to school this way, not only that I made lots of friends that copied my fetish.

It's a special gift.

Posted by Laramie on 2015-05-22 00:59:17

Hi my name is Laramie found this poll and back in March me and my friends were going to the park to skate and on the way we passed this new shoe donation box and is said we accept single shoes are pairs of shoes so my buddies dared me to donate one of my shoes so I walked over and took my right shoe off and donated they laughed and we went onto the skate Park and skated to a three hours when we were done we went back to my house when we walk back by the donation box the gas said are you sorry you gave your shoe away yet I said no it's just a shoe I don't care I have one or not and we kept going towards the house and they said if you're so brave when we get to your house gather up all your right shoes and will donate them I just looked at him and told him I didn't care do what they wanted to do so when we got home they gathered all my right shoes up and we went back and they donated them all leaving me with just a bunch of left shoes . I didn't think much about it the next morning I got up to get dressed for school and was running late the bus was out front honking the horn so I ran down the stairs my mom was standing there she said were your shoe I told her I couldn't find the buses here I got a go. When I got home that afternoon I had to tell my mom what happened we been fighting over it every sense I have to write a blog talking about just having one shoe and even post pictures as part of my punishment I still think it's funny and most the time it doesn't bother me but every now and then it does if you have any questions my blog is laramiejackson01.wordpress.com