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Preventing a Enterovirus D68 Epidemic


Posted by O10 on 2014-10-01 06:38:54

It would be interesting.

Have them do it upon coming into school. Go to class then have the teacher escort them to the showers. Possible mandatory change of underwear. Have the PE teachers instruct. it would also further normalize showers.

Kids in kindergarten who are still in diapers or pull ups have to go to the toilet first, go than shower. Could encourage final toilet training which would further help due to cleaner bottoms.

Posted by Luke12 on 2014-10-01 18:58:57

Hi O10,

I was wondering how both parents and students would respond to this. Would many go to the extreme of home schooling rather than let their children shower naked at school to prevent a dangerous epidemic? I wonder if an Ebola epidemic ever starts if all parents would have to home school.

Also I wanted to know how both students and parents felt about segregating or not segregating the sexes. I guess since school lavatories are still segregated, showers would also be segregated. I know I was taught to wash in the shower by my father who also showered with me at the Y. Being taught by a naked man in front of other naked fathers and sons was a sort of teaching by example, both of not being shy about being nude but also how to wash properly. I think parents and students of today would rather be moderated by a dressed female proctor.


Posted by O10 on 2014-10-02 03:08:08

I don't think they would go to the extreme of home schooling. Some might. If Ebola struck all the schools would probably be shut down until it was under control.

Segregation of sexes would definitely be mandatory. Possibly by grade too.

Posted by awayness on 2014-10-05 00:26:47

I agree with mandatory naked showering starting in kindergarten. If you're raised with it early it's no big deal. But segregating genders? No way! That's very harmful. To make sure everything is fair and not awkward, everyone should shower together, regardless of sex ora ge.

Posted by OddR on 2014-10-24 15:48:11

If there is a serious concern regarding the spread of disease within the school, the children would need to shower prior to entering the school. This would necessitate building some type of shower room at the entrance to all schools. It would be much more cost effective to have one room for both genders. The kids would enter a room and undress completely, lock their clothes in a locker, pass through a shower room, then dress in school provided outfits - either a uniform or something like hospital scrubs. Then they would reverse this going home. Teachers would need to do the same thing - and also supervise or help the students as needed.