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shirt and skin in coed pe

In My School...

Posted by spielmitmir on 2014-09-21 01:22:46

I graduated last year, and in my school, we did skins vs. shirts, but it was a bit different. The "skins" just wore their gym clothes, while the "shirts" wore pinnies, so it was fair for both boys and girls.

Posted by SpiderSam on 2017-08-23 16:48:30

Ha, that doesn't sound much like the skins vs shirts games in my school! We didn't actually have coed PE classes - it was boys in one group and girls in another, but at the same time on different sides of the gym. The girls wore bibs to tell their teams apart, while we boys had to make do without... so half of us had to take our vests off. One boy did ask once why we couldn't have bibs and was told the school didn't have enough to go round! Obviously the girls didn't mind too much as it meant at some point they got to see every boy running around the gym barechested. Let's just say some of them weren't too shy to voice loud opinions on the skins team's bodies!

Posted by Sabin-Wo on 2019-03-06 23:02:29

My daughter is the only girl in a hand ball team. When in training she often plays topless when they have two teams shirts vs skins.