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Teenboys Swimwear at School

Our Swim Class

Posted by Wetgalfan on 2020-03-13 21:13:15

Now this happened back in my high school which was in a rural school district and it was the 80's when everyone wasn't suspected of being a sex fiend. Our PE teacher, a rather hot looking woman probably in her mid to late twenties who all of us boys in the class drooled over, got fed up with people forgetting to bring swimsuits. Every day at least two or three people had to sit out. Unbeknownst to us, she sent a letter to all of our parents asking for approval that if we forgot our suits, we'd have to swim in our underwear. This was a town where everyone knew each other and parents had the attitude that if you missed dinner, you were on your own, so no one objected. Most of them thought it sounded funny. The following Monday, two boys and one girl forgot their suits and ended up having to take swim class in their underwear. Luckily the girl was wearing a bra. It sort of backfired on the teacher though. The three of them thought taking swim class in their underwear was more fun and they told everyone that they were going to "forget" the next day too. They did and so did three more kids! By the end of the week, we all "forgot".

Before we went in the pool, the teacher sat us down on the bleachers for a "talking to", all of us boys in briefs and boxer briefs and the girls in their bras and panties. She told us this wasn't funny, but you could see her trying to keep from laughing at us. She knew it was a prank. She told us to shape up and start bringing our suits or she'd make us do swim class in our underwear for the rest of the year. We all cheered! She just threw up her hands and said, "Fine!"

That night my parents got a phone call. I heard my mom laughing hysterically and then she said, "It's ok with us," but she wouldn't tell me anything about it. It was the swim teacher saying that if all the kids wanted to wear their underwear, did the parents care if she did too. The next day instead of her one-piece, she was wearing mismatched bra and panties and told us if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We had a blast in swim class the rest of the school year with her. Before the whole class had been teaching and she didn't go in the water unless she needed to for something. After we all started wearing our underwear though, she got in every day and she always made sure we had time at the end of class to play pool games like Categories or pool basketball, or go off the boards. She was an accomplished diver and every once in a while wore some pretty sexy bra and panty sets. It was hot watching her do competition-level dives dressed that way, at least for a teenage guy.