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Fathers encouraging their daughters to dress revealingly

My daughter

Posted by junix on 2015-06-10 06:26:33

Nudity of a nine year old girl is maybe OK at the beach or pool for a short time while she changes into her swimwear, but allowing it in public while she plays (at parks and similar places) will only encourage perverts. Unless of course this is what her father wants.

Posted by awayness on 2015-06-20 20:10:50

So the only thing discouraging perverts is clothing? What powerful stuff it must be.

Posted by junix on 2015-06-20 21:41:00

Of course clothing is no discouragement to a dedicated pervert. However, a father who allows his preteen daughter to play naked or near-naked in the presence of strangers could be interpreted by a watching pervert as his tacit approval of them taking things further.

Posted by JustChris on 2015-06-20 22:47:57

I hope that all father's would encourage their daughters to be as naked and sexually free as possible as often as possible and be open and inviting to all that would potentialy give them any kind of pleasure.

Posted by laylagirl on 2015-07-03 11:36:11

I have to say although it was a few years ago now my daughters were wearing tight short skirts etc without panties etc from about 9 years old when we went out. They would also play in the park like that. They have grown up to be very confident about their bodies and still do wear revealing clothing. When my eldest was about 13 we would go out places with her stepdad. She would wear micro minis without panties revealing her bum cheeks. Sometime it would be obvious that older boys and men would be following us. If she said she liked the look of a guy we would go into a retail store etc and leave her outside to let her get acquainted My partner and I both liked to see her getting chatted and disappearing into a secluded door way or alley way and we would discreetly watch.