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Fathers encouraging their daughters to dress revealingly

My daughter

Posted by LilSusie on 2014-12-09 16:59:41

Nine? Seriously? Seems kind of young.

Posted by JustChris on 2014-12-18 06:41:39

Daughters should always be nude whenever possible and very minimally dressed the rest of the time.

Posted by kangaroo2 on 2014-12-19 15:07:07


You have a valid point there.


Posted by justmydadson on 2014-12-21 15:58:33

I couldn't agree more. I think times have changed, it is important for girls this day and time to be able to feel pretty and attractive, it helps them boost their self esteem. I'm a Div'ed dad with full custody of my daughter, she is 6.

My Ex never wanted kids and left us shortly after our daughter was born. As it turns out she is gay, and now dresses very butch. She only sees the kids a couple times a year. For that reason I have always helped my daughter to dress very feminine and sexy. I want her to feel like she is attractive and give her a positive feminine image. Personally I don't think it matters if you were to dress them in blankets, men and boys will notice girls no matter what. So you might as well help them to feel sexy and attractive, rather then teach them it is shameful to be attractive. I think this has become more common these days with younger and younger girls entering pageants, dressing sexy and such as that. It is even main stream in two TV series. So I don't feel the results here are shocking in the least.

Posted by justmydadson on 2014-12-21 16:58:38

I agree, I was raised as a nudist and I have raised mine the same way at home. justmydadson@yahoo.com