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Team Coke vs Team Pepsi


Posted by ratlat on 2014-11-22 01:42:40

Hasn't Vault been discontinued? I know they stopped serving it in my area since about 2009.

Anyway neat poll. :) Team coke only wins my vote on Sprite and Root Beer because they don't overdo it like the Pepsi brands do on those drinks, only admission from Pepsi's superior beverages.

Posted by radio on 2015-01-19 08:55:14

I'm a former grocery store owner, and I just found Pepsi better to deal with than Coke, which sometimes used some rather heavy handed retail business practices in terms of their contracts. Don't forget about Royal Crown(which is distributed by 7UP) or Shasta Cola. Both are smaller brands that are very good. Shasta spends no money on advertising, so their prices are very low because everything goes into the product itself, and the consumer doesn't have to pay a premium price to cover the advertising.

Make no mistake, Coke is an excellent product, and mixes very well with liquor. However, some of the contract terms with Coke are not the best for many smaller retailers. Make sure you get the best possible terms, such as prices or free use of equipment if you enter into a retail contract Coke. Pepsi is very good at loaning equipment to businesses, besides having easier retail terms in my experience.