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Spanked in private.

Mum has a punishment room.

Posted by Rachel96 on 2014-09-04 17:22:52

When myself or my brother are naughty we are sent in to a bedroom via the loo which only has a desk in it and a locked cupboard containing canes. Mum then gets my night dress from my bedroom and then orders me to take all my clothes off and then she gets a cane out of cupboard and she flexes it a few time and I then have to bend over the desk and I usually get between 6 and 8 strokes. After my punishment I am always in floods of tears and Mum puts my night dress on and I am sent to bed. The same happens to my brother but Mum insists on putting his pyjamas on from the front so she does see his $%!@. Mum does all of the canings. She says we have to have equal punishments but I think it would be a bit more embarrassing for my brother I suppose we are both spanked in private.


Posted by tacodevice35 on 2014-09-07 05:34:20

My sister never gets spanked

Posted by badboy12 on 2014-11-13 16:03:44


You do need to understand that being naughty has consequences and that is Mum
caning your bare bottom, if she is using it properly you should have a set of red lines, your Mum is obviously checking your brother to see if his $%!@ is enlarged to the caning. If you wish to discuss further I suggest contacting me on my e-mail address.


Posted by tacodevice35 on 2014-11-16 21:33:27

eboy whats the extra punishment?

Posted by punis on 2015-08-05 08:02:00

my mom gets severe spankings from my husband in front of us.(me my son and my daughter and maid).my mom age 46.my age 26.my husband age 42.his first wife age 45.her son age 16.my daughter age 4.maid age 39.first wife divorced my husband and before 4 years he married me so me and my mom came to his home.as my mom is very naughty she gets severe treatment from my hobby.he punishes her nude only.as she is just one year elder than his first wife,he doesnot mind besting her.he is very free to beat her stark naked body.i am happy that my mother gets discipline but it is not fair to beat a very aged woman in front of total family.maid and her grandson(my stepson) witness it.so my hubby should beat her in closed room and only these two should be there.but my hubby has full right to beat my mom full nude