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Going barefoot at school

Vicki barefoot at school :)

Posted by vicki03 on 2021-07-06 16:32:15

It seems there is almost no people but I'll write here. For more that a year go I barefoot at school. Often I even go barefoot TO school, but if I wear shoes I take them off before the door and leave them until I go home. We don't have rules against it, some teachers frown but don't try to forbid. For PE sometimes wear I sneackers - for running for example. At first people often asked me why am I like that and I said that I just like that. Over time they get used, and my friend Lena started going barefoot there too, and later several other girls too (but only sometimes). Our school has many carpets but also wood floors, cold tile only in the cantine and the toilets. I still get many looks, specially from boys, and I love that :)

Posted by Sandrabmum on 2021-07-07 05:57:42

Ahh Vicki that's fantastic! Shoes in school are quite unnecessary and going barefoot is so much better for you. There gave been studies that say barefoot students learn better.

My daughter Harriet also goes to school barefoot all year round and she has done for a few years now. Also when I was in school I always went barefoot too and did all PE barefoot even the cross country run.

Posted by vicki03 on 2021-07-25 20:19:35

What strange thing - last several messages seem to be deleted, my and Sandra's :(

Posted by Sandrabmum on 2021-08-05 05:32:21

Ahh yeah all our messages have gone. I suspect you are on school holidays now? Hope you are spending them barefoot and planning to return to school barefoot.

Posted by vicki03 on 2021-08-05 15:58:37

Oh I am on a vacation in Croatien now and it is wonderful! You can read about it here https://www.misterpoll.com/forums/48061/topics/312206/pg/44. I was going to spend it barefoot too, but it is sometimes too hot - it was 35 grad on Sunday!! But I have other interesting rules and I have much fun and new friends and sex here :) And yes, I plan to return to school barefoot.