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Christian Morals (sex, alcohol, abortion, etc)

Christian Talk

Posted by BeyondMyYears on 2006-07-08 22:03:18

The poll did good in controvesial topics that unbelievers deny... but the results were real dissapointing... the majority of the ppl who have taken this poll so far claim themselves as "christians" (68%) so the majority should lead on christian morality...then here are a few things i just dont understand..

1) the majority is against smoking but don't believe drinking alchohol is a bad habit as well...

2) its dissapointing to see that only 44% (out of 68%) said that it is right 2 actively bring ppl to a christian foundation...which means there are 24% of people not doing anything..the bible says to reach out too ppl!!! if you truly are christian, then you should understand this context

3)52% believe not going to church because of youre lazy butt is okay..... its not wrong, but you are abusing the oppurtunity to help youre faith in god..

4) more than half of you believe that other religions arent alll going to hell.. before you start judging that, consider this..... not all people who claim themselves as god's followers or going to heaven..

5) 63% of you believe that sexual fantasies is not wrong... you may say that its human nature too naturally lean into those thoughts... however, those fantasies lead into internal sin within youre own mind, and not only that, but could possible lead you in having sex before marriage (which 42% of you believe is too be wrong)

of course, i wanna clarify that im human and i know it isnt easy to follow god's guidelines, but thats why we got the bible..its to help us in time of struggle..

the first step of becoming closer to god is acknowledging youre own mistakes and taking the actions to avoid them..