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Christian Morals (sex, alcohol, abortion, etc)


Posted by The Man With No Name on 2005-12-29 06:42:31

This poll is a great one! I am not a Christain but myself I feel you did an excellent job on this poll and the subkect of the poll well its the best poll that I have taken on this site! There are so many people that I know who really need to sit down and take this poll! They really need to think about the questions before just jumping to them! THere are so many things in this poll that you asked if were right or not but you see it everyday in this world now! But I just want to tell you great job... I liked the poll so much that I am going to tell my friends and family about this one, I'll spread good word about this one for you

Posted by Asa asa fighting on 2006-05-02 01:18:41

I agree that it's a good poll, but like some people have said, some of the questions are conditional. I'm sure there are people that hold very black and white views: such-and-such is wrong or such-and-such is right. But I just think many things depend on the situation, which is why I chose undecided a lot, but undecided is very different from circumstantial. So an easy way to fix this is to have another possible answer: sometimes.