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Christian Morals (sex, alcohol, abortion, etc)


Posted by chucksmom on 2004-10-08 16:21:10

I really liked this poll. Lots of controversial comments. Mine are: Yes we need separation of church and state (Saudi Arabia, Medieval Europe are case in point). Evolution is science, and belongs in school; creationism is a belief system, so should be taught at home or at church. Children need to be in school so they can learn about/get along with the greater society-we have been heading down the wrong path to allow homeschooling on such a large scale. That is why we have so many problems nowadays, fundie xtians want society to be just like themselves, and it's a big world out there, bigger than they are. Most organized religions are extremly oppressive when it comes to sex relations, often defined strictly by marriage to opposite sex only. I would say who is benefiting by controling when, where, how and with whom people have sex? Is it benefiting the people involved? or a powerful psychological tool to create a cohesive community, which will then be a source of money and power for whoever controls that community? I'd say the latter... As for Santa Claus and Halloween, anyone who doesn't want to participate in these holidays doesn't have to, but they sure are party poopers! Have some fun! That's my 2 cents.