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Showering with others

Showered with others

Posted by nude1 on 2018-01-22 14:49:21

I always shower naked whether alone or with others.

Posted by Rawan Paul-Reyes on 2020-05-19 19:58:30

I actually tried showering at camp once and another boy came and stripped butt naked like me and showered with no shame. I was embarrassed because that was my first time being seen naked

Posted by StephanieC on 2021-01-09 04:18:50

We used to go to a swimming pool in Wales called Plas Madoc. The changing room is communal and although there are booths to change in, the showers are open. There are two, one each end of the changing area which are technically for boys one end and girls the other but nobody takes any notice. A few occasions when we were there with school in years 8 and 9, I'd be naked in the shower and a few boys would walk past and sometimes even come into the shower themselves. It was embarrassing to start but we got used to it.

Posted by Dave_B on 2022-09-19 18:37:03

@StephanieC I've actually been there, it was back in the 90s when I was about 17, and yeah no one seemed to care which showers they went in, I was showering still in my shorts and a girl stood next to me who looked about 12 or 13 and just took her swimsuit off, so I thought sod it and took my shorts off, I had a bit of a semi on after seeing the girl take her swimsuit off. The changing rooms got refurbished earlier this year so I don't know what they are like now