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Wild camping

Good and bad experiences

Posted by Brenton89 on 2014-05-26 00:43:00

I've been wild camping twice. The first time was with my brother. I was 17 and he was 22 at the time, so this was about 5 years ago. We just took off with our tent and some basic, essential camping gear. We camped in the middle of this wood, quite close to a stream so we had fresh water. It was awesome. For a toilet, we would just pee next to a big tree. We dug a hole over the other side, away from the stream, and used that as a poo pit. We had toilet paper with us for wiping our arses. The second day we were there my brother went to take a dump in the pit. He came back about 15 minutes later, laughing. I asked him what was funny and he said two hikers had come up the trail and had seen his bright yellow t-shirt among the trees. They had come over to investigate what was happening, only to walk in on him while a big turd was poking out of his butt. They got a full view of his backside and the turd coming out and dropping into the pit. They were so disgusted they ran off.

The second time I went wild camping near the same place with two friends. We planned to stay for 10 nights but had to pack up after 8 because I got really sick. The toilet arrangements were the same. Pee next to a big tree, dig a pit for poo. Everything was fine until the 6th evening. I hadn't been feeling good all day. After some food in the evening I went to take a dump. First couple of turds were normal but then my stomach rumbled and I had explosive diarrhea. After about 10 minutes of pure liquid poo, I wiped my butt and went back to the others. But I had to go back again about 15 minutes later and again it was just explosive. I got up having cleaned my butt and just as I was about to pull up my shorts, I threw up really badly. I spent the next day just sleeping in the tent, getting up every now and then to puke or poo. By the next morning, the vomiting had stopped but I still felt dreadful so the guys decided we should go home and get me to a doctor. It took me a whole week and a half to properly recover. This experience has put me off camping again :(

Posted by nakedrhode on 2014-06-01 13:08:39

I went on my first camp at the age of about 12 and loved it . We camped in the bush in tents our toilet was a hole in the ground we had to dig or pee up a tree . We did take one home comfort toilet rolls . We had a large pit fire on which we cooked all our food and it kept us warm in the evenings . We cleaned and washed in a nearby river ,we ate a mix of wild foods and tinned foods we brought with us .There were girls and guys and we saw each other naked and it did not bother us at all . I had a great child hood in Africa and don't regret it at all . I know live in the uk but still enjoy camping .When my kids were younger it was tent camping now I am older its a caravan and a few home comforts but still would rather live in a caravan than a house .Want to know more . nakedrhode@gmail.com

Posted by Luke17 on 2014-06-30 00:36:08

Camped for 2 weeks in the Lake District of England with three friends and my brother. We had camped there before but only at a proper campsite. It was really cool, except that it rained non-stop for the last 3 days so we bailed out on the last day and checked into a hotel. As we were all guys we would just pee next to a tree. We dug a hole and that was our poo pit. We could all see if someone was taking a dump. We brought toilet paper to wipe our bums with. We had general camping gear with us for cooking and we washed in the stream next to where we were camping. I got a bit sick during the first week but nothing serious. Just a bit of a virus.

Posted by AdamY3 on 2014-07-13 01:26:31

Wild camping was great for me too. Middle of nowhere, just good friends and lots of laughs. For toilets we did the same as everyone else...peed up a tree and pooped in a pit we dug. We camped for 5 days in one place and then moved on a bit up the trail and camped another 5 there. We posted some videos on YouTube of us on the camp, although most of them are taken off there now. There was one of me pooping in the pit on our first day. I was the first one to poop so the other guys thought it was really funny. They filmed everything and it was so embarrassing knowing my pooping butt was going to be on the internet.

Posted by lemeatit on 2014-07-18 23:55:26

I have gone wild camping a few times but most of my camping has been done at organised campsites with proper toilet facilities. I try to go camping a few times every year.

My best experience with some wild camping was going with a group of friends last year. We were all aged between 15 and 17 and it was a mixed group. There were 8 of us and we slept in two tents. Girls in one and boys in the other. We did that to please some worried parents. Like the others we dug a pit for our latrine and had taken enough loo roll with us for the three nights and four days stay. We also took all our food and got our water from the stream we camped next to. We made sure to wash downstream from where we got our water and we boiled the water anyway before drinking it. A lot of the time we were in a naturist state and enjoyed that very much. We had agreed that there would be no pictures of a compromising nature taken and we all obeyed our rule on that so it did not matter when I got a boner and one of the girls offered to take care of it. Made my boyfriend a bit jealous though but not too bad as he is kind of used to my bi lifestyle. We enjoyed out time there a lot and are planning to try and do it again.