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Cystoscopy medical procedure

My Cystoscopy Experience

Posted by Twilight Sky on 2015-04-08 05:01:00

I saw that you have no responses yet, so I will share my experience.

Background: Let me begin by saying I am 29, male, and from the U.S. Until this past year I had not had a physical exam or even had a real doctor since high school, and the combination of government mandated health insurance and the fact that I'm nearing 30 convinced me to get one. Additionally, I'm trying to become more comfortable with my body, so when the only doctor accepting new patients at the clinic I chose happened to be female I said that was fine and my doctor's sex didn't matter to me. I did so fully knowing that I might be embarrassed by this fact - at least until I got used to it. But whatever, I was committed.

The exam: I was advised to take off work for the day of the exam because it would be "thorough" since some time had passed since my last checkup. Well the exam was indeed thorough, including genital and prostate checks and lasting over an hour. These were very embarrassing. However, I had expected them.

What I didn't expect was when Dr. Lindsey Mckinney - a voluptuous blond in her early-30s who must have been just out of medical school - said that I was about the "recommended age" to start having a "routine cystoscopy." I had never heard of a cystoscopy before, so I didn't really object as she talked me into agreeing to it. Then the young female nurse - a pretty brunette named Bex who had been present during the whole physical "for my benefit" of course - led me to the bathroom to urinate before taking me to the room in the clinic where the procedure was done. I had to remove all of my clothing and was given a small paper gown; it was different than the one I had been given during the physical in that it stopped short just above my waist. She then had me get up onto an exam table. I had to put my feet into two stirrups that she fastened my ankles to and proceeded to spread wide. She also had me arch my butt and lower back up a bit so she could slide a pillow under me. I felt totally exposed, and unsurprisingly got an erection. Nurse Bex then gave me a pain-pill (I'm not sure what it was - Valium maybe). Only at this point did Dr. Mckinney enter with a second nurse (another buxom blond about my age named Tabby) who was pushing a cart with medical equipment.

The procedure: Dr. Mckinney soon began (to my horror) to explain what exactly cystoscopy entailed. My hesitation and protests fell on death ears. She deflected my feeble objections as the two nurses began to prep me. They sterilzed my public area (I'm shaved) with a cloth. Then Nurse Bex held my $%!@ up while Nurse Tabby used a plastic syringe to inject an antiseptic and numbing gel (Lidocaine) into the hole at the tip of my $%!@! The feeling as she slid the syringe into the opening of the tube inside my $%!@ (my urethra) was very uncomfortable. And she had to inject it twice to get the full dose. Still this was nothing compared to what was to come. After a few minutes waiting for the gel to take effect it was Dr. Mckinney's turn. This time Nurse Tabby held my erect $%!@ at a 45 degree angle while the doctor used the thumb and forefinger of her left hand to hold the head of my $%!@ while she took what I later found out was the rigid cystoscope (a device that's almost two feet long and looks like a battery-powered hand drill) and began to insert the pencil-thick metal tube into my pee hole! They slowly lowered the angle of my $%!@ as the invading rod inched further down the middle of my $%!@. I think I flinched several times as the device penetrated me in a way that made me feel like I was being raped. Eventually it got to my bladder; Dr. Mckinney used the cystoscope to inject some sort of saline solution that she said would clean me out and make it easier for them to see using the small camera also inserted via the pencil-thick, rigid tube terrorizing my $%!@. This gave me the sensation of needing to pee, but they said that was normal as they poked around, manipulating my $%!@ and watching what the camera showed on the screen at the same time. After perhaps ten minutes Dr. Mckinney was satisfied, and they slowly pulled the cystoscope out - only to leave my urethra feeling like it was on fire! I was not aware that the localized anesthetic would wear off mere minutes after the procedure was finished.

Again, the nurses cleaned my public area, and the doctor said everything looked pretty good. She also said "See. A cystoscopy is a walk in the park." (What!!?) Despite not finding anything, she insisted that I need to have one every six months to check for bladder cancer and deal with any bladder stones that may appear.

I'll add that my $%!@ was sore for the next three days and my urethra burned whenever I went to the bathroom or ejaculated for a week, but the sensation eventually went away. When I called the next day to ask if this was normal, the nurse on the phone advised me that it was, though she said I could come in and have them insert a Foley catheter for a few days or even a week if I wanted! I passed. The experience was not only humiliating, it was painful. I'm not sure I want to have it happen again (and so soon!) - though I have read that it gets easier (more comfortable - or rather less uncomfortable) with each successive time you do it. I've also read that "flexible cystoscopes" are easier on your $%!@ than "rigid cystoscopes" like the one my doctor used.

Anyway, good luck to anyone getting this procedure for the first time. I hope your experience is better than mine.

Posted by bob76 on 2018-09-12 12:55:34

I've never heard of a "routine cystoscopy". Your story doesn't make sense to me unless you had symptoms like blood in your urine, which might be an indication of bladder cancer. I also don't think you would have been given a cystoscopy when your $%!@ was erect.

In my case, I had a cystoscopy a few years ago after I went to the emergency room with a severe pain in my lower abdomen. The doctor thought it might be kidney stones and referred me to a (male) urologist. The urologist examined me and set up an appointment for a cystoscopy.

When I came in later for my procedure, his (female) assistant told me to take off my clothes below the waist and lie down on the examining table. When I was ready, she propped up my $%!@ between two towels. She cleaned it with wet wipes and squirted anesthetic into my urethra. The urologist came in and performed the cystoscopy, which was painful but bearable. He told me that there was no sign of kidney stones, so that remains a mystery. Maybe the stone had passed and I just didn't notice it?