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Discipline by Daughters

spanked by daughter and her hubby

Posted by Sally3 on 2015-03-24 14:02:28

I get spanked by my daughter and son-in-law. I live with them and have to accept their rules and consequences, including spanking, corner time, early bed, and grounding. They say I am immature and irresponsible and need strict discipline. My dau of 23 treats me like she is my mom and I am a naughty little girl. She bares my bottom, puts me over her knee, and spanks me with her wooden hairbrush. If I am very naughty, I have to bend over the back of a couch or armchair for the cane. After I get spanked or caned, I have to stand in the corner with hands on head, my blazing red bottom on display for anyone to see - in the living room.


Posted by Sally3 on 2015-04-08 12:46:51

Well, I just got my first caning from my daughter. She was very angry with me and made me strip like her hubby does . She scolded me for ages as I stood before her, eyes downcast and hands on my head. Then over the back of the couch for 12 super-hard strokes and an hour in the corner. This is a new development for us. I didn't know she was so strong and could be so relentless in thrashing her own mother. I am to get a second dose of 12 this Sunday after church from my son-in-law, plus any additional strokes of the cane I earn in the meantime. I am grounded all week until then.

Posted by rv101010 on 2017-11-23 10:22:21

good for you to be so taken in hand , no ?