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Slave to my Brother

Daily Updates

Posted by Anonymous226 on 2014-03-24 01:00:58

Pre Log

My new master, Josh, has been merciful enough to grant me a grace period until the poll reaches ten voters or enough people have voted so that there are little to know ties. He is pleased so far at how the voting has went and is pleased that, among other things, my face will be his personal butt pillow for sleeping for the next few months. This message board is designed for me to do my daily updates on how Josh has used me. This is also a place where people interested in the poll can comment, give thoughts, suggestions, ask questions, and anything else related to being a slave for my brother. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

Posted by Anonymous226 on 2014-03-26 23:05:26

Log #1

Yesterday was the first day of my torture. Josh said he would "ease me into it" although it didn't seem that way. He made me cook dinner, a large Taco meal. It's well known between my brother, myself, and his friend how much gas Tacos give him and how rank it is. I was going to experience that first hand. Within thirty minutes of eating, my younger brother called me over, teasing me about how much gas he had. He got off his seat on the couch and I laid my face directly over where his $%!@ was seconds ago. Without mercy, he sat hard on my face, only wearing boxers. But the underwear must have been a week old, they were covered in revolting skidmarks. He blasted my face with a hot, rancid fart every few minutes. Then after a while of boxers, he took those off and sat on me bare. This was the worst part of the torture; since his bubbly, sweaty cheeks smothered my whole face. His $%!@ crack was so sweaty and sticky that my face actually got stuck. For another hour I lay there, forced to accept my place under my brother's bare a$$ farting up a storm on my face. Eventually, the sheer heat and smell got to me and I passed out. When I awoke I had a collar and leash and he used me as a foot stool for TV. I was forced to sniff his socks, which were also several weeks old, filthy, green, and deadly. They were like flowers compared to his Taco farts though. Before tugging my leash and having me follow him to bed, he assured me I would be lucky enough to be doing this and more everyday for the next few months. I quivered in fear. We reached his room and he got undressed, fully naked as he tied my leash to the bed, so that I was forced to lay right where his butt was. He climbed into bed now too, ensuring my face was tight in his rear, my nose between his cheeks and forced to smell the raw musk. He wished me goodnight, chuckling as he assured me I would be living off his night farts. Sure enough, he began farting right up my nose, the smell as bad as his day time farts, and my lungs forced to inhale the stench. Again, I eventually passed out, staying asleep until morning when he cut a huge, thunderous fart on my face to awake me. Thus far he has kept me tied outside on the dog house. I wait for him to use me today. I will update tomorrow.

Posted by 69samiam on 2014-03-27 03:37:26

what do he make you wear

Posted by Zephywolf on 2014-03-27 19:04:52

Ohhhh Josh really got ya good didn't he?? I hope its comfy in the dog house - personally I woulda shoved you in a pile of dirty laundry but I guess Josh is a nice master ;)

Posted by Anonymous226 on 2014-04-20 05:07:17

Apologies for not answering or updating sooner. He makes me wear boxers and a collar.