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boys and nudity


Posted by on 2015-11-03 23:40:29

I am a 14 year-old boy and my step-mom makes me go out wearing just a long t-shirt in the summer, with no underpants or shorts. She and I go to the grocery store and I walk around with her and I am only wearing a large-size colored t-shirt which comes down to just above my knees. I usually wear a shirt that has a sports logo or something on it. I really don't mind wearing just the t-shirt in warm weather. It feels good to have some air on my $%!@ and balls and not have to bother putting shorts or pants on. She lets me pee in the store parking lot and I just have to stand and spread my legs and let my pee come out. My step-mom buys me the t-shirts, usually in large or extra large so that they hang down low enough to cover my $%!@ and my $%!@. She bought me a light gray t-shirt with a logo on it but it was a little short. I like the shirt so I wore it anyway even though it was about half-way between my knees and my $%!@. We were in the grocery store and I had the shorter t-shirt on and a girl from my school was there, Kim, who is 13. She was wearing a loose top and I could look down and see her breasts and it made me horny and I got a boner right there in the store with this short t-shirt on and no underpants. My boner was sticking out like a tent in he front of the t-shirt and mom said that I looked cute. I was kind of embarrassed but Kim told me not to worry about it. What I didn't realize is that the t-shirt was so short that my bare $%!@-cheeks were showing in the back and people could see my ball-sack hanging down between my legs in the back. Mom took me into the unisex toilet at the store and made me jack off so that my boner would go down. Mom sees me jack off at home all the time so it didn't bother me. She wiped the $%!@ off my $%!@ with toilet paper and then we went back out to shop some more.

Posted by Charlton on 2015-12-07 09:57:20

Oh wow. I wish that i could have seen you.

Posted by Light Skin Dale on 2016-07-07 17:32:03

I have done that before but It was 2x tank top so my nipples and $%!@ could breath. But yeah I was naked underneath

Posted by JONGEN on 2016-07-12 20:56:38

yea i guess all of us that normaly stay naked have put on a big t shirt right qwik like to anser the door for a delivery man and its easy to see thats all i am wearing because my penus shows thru a little but its only for a minute and the delivery man probly does not care and i have ansered the door naked for people i know but thats differant

Posted by sonicpika on 2016-07-13 14:42:51

last summer mom made me answer the door and pay the newspaper delivery guy and all i had on was a white tee shirt. i had a boner that was sticking straight out. the guy didnt say anything but you could see he was looking at my penus.