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Should I...?

Well, I did it...

Posted by the unknown on 2014-01-13 22:39:54

I just did it this Sunday at the church. What happened was actually quite interesting.

Just to give an idea of the situation, both my parents had to go to some meeting at church, and my brothers and I had go as a result. Eventually, my friend came with her parents, too. And one of the other church members dropped off her toddler so that he wouldn't distract anyone.

Because we were in a room far away from the meeting room, we put in a movie for the younger kids. By then, my friend had already slipped her shoes off and was walking around barefoot. I said I had to show my friend something and told my brother he was in charge until we got back.

So I brought my friend to a different room that was away from everyone else, and we closed the door once we were in. I told her to go to a nearby room (That was linked with the current one by another door) and to count 20 seconds. (It was hilarious how nervous she sounded. I wish I could have recorded it.) During those 20 seconds, I took off my shoes & socks and waited.

When she said "It's been 20 seconds" I told her to come in. When she came in, she waited for a few moments, looked at me and said: "So... what?" I found it kinda funny that she didn't notice within 15 seconds. I told her to look down and it was then she finally noticed my bare feet. (She was practically cheering under her breath after that. )

...And that's the story. Well, most of it. I'd be planning going out barefoot with her more often, but it's a bit too cold for that. I'll wait for it to warm up.

Posted by jamesbreitbart on 2014-01-14 04:07:55

Congratulations, how does it feel to have someone to share enjoying barefootedness with?