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Peeing togheter with friend - husband (wife) / boyfriend (girlfriend) M & F

With Mom

Posted by Mike Mc on 2015-07-27 21:53:20

I have a recent story about peeing in a bathroom with my mom. Me and here went on a little trip, on our way back we both needed to pee, and there was a little building that was a bathroom that we stopped at. When we both went in, we found a very run down place. The toilet was missing the tank, the sink didn't have running water and the floor had broken tiles every where. In the middle of the room there was a round hole, where I'm guessing a drain once was. Looking around my mom said "Well, floor it is then" and moving closer to the hole in the floor, she pulled her yoga shorts down, right in front of me, and started to pee. She looked up to me and said "Didn't you have to pee too?" I said "yea" and she told me not to wait. So I took it out and aimed for the floor, letting in run into the hole. When we both finished I shook it off and she said "You guys are lucky, you can shake we can't" she stood up and gave herself a quick wipe with her hand and pulled her shorts up. I pushed my foreskin back and tucked myself back in, and she said to me "Next time, lets just pee beside the building, would be quicker, and cleaner."

Posted by Louise P on 2015-07-27 22:59:26

dear Mike I am so Happy to read anecdotes with your great mum and hope you will write more sooner!!



Posted by Mike Mc on 2015-07-27 23:45:31

Louise, has something like this happened with your son before? And if you pee in front of him, do you try and cover yourself up or do you (like my mom) not care and let him see you?

Posted by Louise P on 2015-07-28 07:28:13

dear mick I mostly pee in front of my daughters, but if I happen to have to pee with my son (like in family changing room or similar) I do it anyway, I try to be a little more discrete but in our family we are opened about nudity as we are naturist ! my mum was obsessed with public toilet and never let me and my sister use it unless we were 14-15 or more. if we couldn't pee outdoor she made us pee on drain, waste bin or just on the floor. she mostly used the toilet hovering and few time she went on the floor too. brother mostly went outside but if he came with us he never tried to use the toilet (even if he had not the problem to touch the rim as a girl) mostly mum let him $%!@ against the wall outside the stall. I grow with a certain refuse of dirty toilets as comsequence even if not so obsessed as my mum. if the toilet is dirty I prefer my children to pee outside in the parking but if we had to use they go on the floor, bin, drain. recently I was obliged to use the public toilet of an old gas station with my son. too many people to $%!@ CarSide so we went inside. the bathroom was unisex and we went togheter, the toilet was clogged to the rim and a terrible smell inside. I said we never used that toilet and encourage my son to pee like in a changing room so he started $%!@ing quite forcefully against the wall full of writings. while $%!@ing he said he was easy and funny for him and asked me what I could do instead. I replied him "when in Rome do as roman do" pulled my short dress to waist, thomg aside and feet well apart I started $%!@ing on the floor hovering near the door. he noticed my recently shaved crotch and said it was funny as i seemed a little girl.. he commented about how big my puddle was and I told him that he gave the walls a big wash with his spray too.

hope you appreciate and answer soon



Posted by Mike Mc on 2015-07-28 18:59:53

Louise, I appreciate your quick response. My mom has never been shy with being naked in front of her kids, usually when where where kids getting dressed, or in a change room. As we have grown up, she hasn't changed that much. If there is only one change room, she isn't hesitant to change in front of me or my sister, and I am the same way. Also I have no qualms about peeing in her sight, it's nothing she hasn't seen before. Please feel free to ask more of your great questions. Mike