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Peeing togheter with friend - husband (wife) / boyfriend (girlfriend) M & F

With Father

Posted by creativity123 on 2015-01-16 20:33:20

Since I was young I have always gone public toilets with my father, when someone in our family needs to go whether it my mother or sister or father or me, we all just go so we dont have to stop like half an hour later. Me and my father always use the urinals that are next to each other if they are separate urinals or more or less stand reasonalbly close if on the odd occasion it was still a trough one. From when I was six I remember peeing and glancing and seeing just how huge my dads willy looked. It is probably a good 6.5 to 7 inches soft, so only god knows about it when hard. My dad spotted me one day and said 'son dont worry yours will grow the older you get. Now I am in my mid twenties and my dad still puts me to shame! I have not taken his length at all and i am an avergae 3 inches soft compared to his monster, so it is fairly annoying when peeing next to him and him knowing he kicks $%!@ over his son wh should be in the 'top form of $%!@' in his life! Even on a few occasions when one of my cousins has been with us has said to my dad 'wow you put us younger ones to shame but at least I am still bigger than your son!' My dad usually just finishes up laughing while tucking that cobra back in his pants.

Posted by Louise P on 2015-01-19 11:45:27

Dear creativity Even if is not exactly what those topics would mean, as I thought about peeing in unusual ways in the bathroom (sink, bidet, tub, drain, floor) with someone, I think that your mother or anyway your dad partner would be very lucky with him having such a big snake in his briefs



Posted by creativity123 on 2015-01-20 20:02:17

Sorry louise, i understand the concept of the topic now...

If my dad is using the toilet at home i have on occasion gone in if i am bursting and used the sink to have a pee, and vice versa it has happened as well. If my mom or my sister in the bathroom i either wait if I can or use the backyard drain if I am dying for a pee.

When with boys cousins if we are out somewhere and we need toilet and there is only 1 available urinal or stall one of us would always just use the wall to have a pee.

Posted by Louise P on 2015-01-21 10:32:48

Dear creativity Peeing in the sink at home, or peeing on walls of a public toilet stall would be more interesting. Did some your familiars suggested or encouraged you to use the wall when sharing a public toilet stall? If I happen to.share a gas station toilet with hubby, if we get in the only stall togheter he leaves the toilet for me and pee.against the wall usually, if the toilet is too.dirty I pee on the floor too. He said that when he was young and his mother took him with her in the toilet stall she always made him pee on the wall or into the waste bin, even if it was a quite clean bathroom. He said he never lost the attitude since his childhood

Thanks L

Posted by Hot_lifeguard on 2015-01-31 03:27:25

one time on a road trip with my dad, we were bursting to pee and our car needed petrol, so we stopped at a petrol station to fill up and pee. When we got to the toilet, we found that all the urinals and stalls were taken, and there was quite a line. As we really had to go, my dad decided to pee in the sink and he told me to go pee in the drain in the middle of the room. As we began peeing, other guys got the idea and followed what we did, some using the walls etc. my dad is very open when it comes to peeing and it has rubbed off to me, but unlike creativity, i have beat him in size. I am about 5 inch soft and 8.5 hard, while he is about 4 inch soft, and im not sure how long hard