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Peeing togheter with friend - husband (wife) / boyfriend (girlfriend) M & F

Peeing in the bathtub ecperiences

Posted by Louise P on 2014-01-15 15:12:46

I rember very well my aunt had a typical france bathroom (only one and big) at her home. It means a large bathroom with sink, bathtub/ shower and a separate little room, more a cubicile with just the toilet. I often was guest at their house during my childood and te nave years. I rember very well that my bigger cousin taught me to pee ht to pee in the large bathtub when the toilet room was occupied. Often we peed togheter 2 or 3 at time with my cousins, and i have seen my male cousin peeing in it often. Both the tiles and boys had peed in the bathtub in presence of my aunt who always tolerated it. When i was bigger about 12 i rember clearly she duggest led me to have my morning pee in the bathtub while she was washing teeth because uncle was 'occupi g' the toilet too. I and my cousins had peed usually inthe tub, even with he toilet stall free and inrember a couple of morning my aunt came in the bathroom and peed in the tub while i was washing at the sink, complaining that uncle always occupied the toilet in for his morning dump. I ve peed in a bathtub other times wih friends when we went to the bathroom togheter at house parties. Rarely i peed in the tub at my my home, because i always use the bidet and my husband instead prefer to use the sink. When we stay in hotel a without bidet and the france toilet separate i have peed in the tub more often, hubby peed i the tub at hotel e and rented house why ed house because i don't like him to pee in the sink the morning while i brush my teeth, so he made a fountain in the tub.

How many of you had peed in a tube once or even frequently?

Posted by Louise P on 2014-02-10 14:55:42

I was nearby I took the opportunity to visit a long time friend near Bordeux..she is going to have her 10 years marriage party in the weekend and she was making some works at home, like painting the walls. She have the funny idea of using her marriage dress, and I helped her trying it. She is so wel fit that after 2 children the dress is still ok for her, even if a bit "tight".. she had a big old metal bath tub in her large and panoramic room, I made her compliments for that nice tub and she joked about it. She said it not only great for relaxing but she had great sex inside it with her husband and added that it was very "useful" for emergencies if you need to pee and don't want to reach the bathroom downstairs. After she was dressed we spok and drunk some local withe wine then she said she needed to pee and asked me to help her with the bridal dress that made peeing quite a difficult thing. I tought she was asking me to help her going downstairs to the bathroom and keeping up the long dress, but when she notice I was going to the room door she said "there are the worker downstairs, I don't wont to go there with that crazy bridal dress, and it would be awful to use the toilet with this"...than she removed her panties from under the big dress, and told me she only needed I kept the back of the dress up and away because she didn't want to mess it while peeing. Then she sat on the edge of the old bathtub and I was on the opposite side keeping her dress train wrapped ouf of the tub. She made a noisy and powerful pee in the tub, then whiped with a small towel and opened the water to clean her pee... We made joking abuot hoe it was a conveniente peeing solution... later i hade a full bladder and said i was going to the bathroom. She said "do you have to pee?" I replied "of course, I'v drunk too much" and she told me to not worry going downstair as I could pee right there in the old tub like she did before. So I pulled panties and throwser to knee and made a confortable and noisy pee in the old tub.... we laughed when she said that I was peeing really like a racehorse...


Posted by Louise P on 2014-05-26 15:13:15

I and husband spent a night out in a hotel and we had a luxury room with a large bathtub we used many time to pee even because there wasn't a bidet inside. I tried peeing standing near the side but i ended wetting the rim and teh floor mat, so next time i stood with my feet on the sides of the tub and have a big powerful stream with a loud splashing. My hubby was excited watching me pee like that even because i was still wearing an elegant dress ans high heels when i peed. Whe i was hai turn to pee he was already hard so i had some fun aiming his boner to pee and spraying it all over the wall on the side it the tub even poi ing very high o the tiles. We had much fun in peeing and having sex there...

I didn't remember tub peeing could be so funny then.. L

Posted by Mike Mc on 2015-07-07 01:02:30

I have peed in my bathtub multiple times, almost always in front of my girlfriend. It happens when she is staying over, we both get up around the same time in the morning, and head to the bathroom at the same time. She used the toilet and I stood beside her peeing into the tub. One morning I went into the bathroom to find her peeing into the tub. Since then usually pee into the tub together before one of us (sometime both of us) go in and shower.

Posted by Louise P on 2015-07-07 07:23:42

dear mike peeing togheter is surely a funny way to start the day..I hope you have peed in other and unusual places with your girlfriend and I can't wait to read more soon.