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Wearing Clothes the wearer can't take off him/herself

My Bodysuit

Posted by GirlInTheSportsBra on 2018-05-30 00:28:24

My favorite piece of lingerie is bodysuits, and I wear them almost everywhere, no matter how hot. Recently I bought one from a lingerie shop that was not Victoria's Secret, where I always shop, and it buttoned in the back. I neglected to try it on in the shop. When I wear it for the first time the next day, I have difficulty buttoning it, but manage. I wear it to bed as well. The next morning, I realize I cannot take it off. I walk downstairs wearing only my bodysuit to ask for help. My mom and older sister are down there. They have a laugh about my predicament but eventually unbutton it.

Posted by carg85 on 2018-06-10 05:41:23

Yes, back buttoning clothes are popular at the moment, and I've heard many girls/women are not aware they will need help getting them on and/or off. I wonder if many such items are returned to the store then, or that most people will just deal with the inconvenience. With your bodysuit you'll likely have crotch snaps, so you only need help when changing - with jumpsuits and rompers you need someone around every time you need to visit the bathroom. Anyway, thanks for your contribution.