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Wearing Clothes the wearer can't take off him/herself

My clothes

Posted by carg85 on 2014-01-12 19:39:43

For quite a few years now I am collecting overalls, jumpsuits, sleepers and such. Many of them I have adapted to make locking, as you can see on my website. Sometimes I freeze some keys of padlocks in a cup of ice, and then use those locks to secure my clothes on me. Then it takes a few hours before I can take them off again. I also go (grocery) shopping sometimes with overalls locked on, invisible under a coat or sweater. (In my forties and with a bit of a belly, I don't think overalls look that good on me, so I usually hide them.)

Posted by carg85 on 2014-01-15 18:53:33

Recently I bought some locking zipper sliders by YKK. I wasn't sure how easy I could replace existing zippers, especially when if they were not divisible. But prying off the metal caps that prevent the zipper from running past its end, then running the zipper pull past the zippers end, sliding on the new, locking slider, and replacing the metal caps took me less than 10 minutes per zipper.

I also wondered if they would fit on the zippers I wanted to use them on, but the ones I wanted to replace were plastic coil zippers of the standard 5 mm size, and the sliders work like a charm on them. Whether they also work on other zipper types, like with metal teeth, I'm not sure yet. But I have 2 sliders left to experiment with :-)

So I replaced 3 zippers on my Ar-tex sleeper with detachable mittens and a zipper from ankle to ankle, and the one zipper of another sleeper. It was great fun to lock the slider, then pull up the zipper, and can't pull it down again. Since pulling up the zipper is such a natural action. you're locked in before you know it. The zipper pull is a bit more massive than a normal one, and if you look closely you can see the keyhole, but they are definitely usable for wear in public.

You could also use it to trick someone into trying something on with such a zipper slider, who then will lock him/herself in without realizing.

Posted by suitntied on 2014-06-02 14:41:43

I'm kept in a strict suit and tie. My collar is tailored very high and tight, and starched heavily. Then my wife puts a zip tie around my collar after she buttons it up and cinches it tight. After she tightens my tie to her satisfaction (really tight) she fixes a locking tie snug to the back part of my tie so I can't loosen it. Then I'm ready for another long day of work then service at home - I wear a suit and her collar and tie all day every day.

Posted by carg85 on 2014-06-02 21:22:23

Hi SuitnTied, great to hear about this kind of locking on clothes - hadn't heard about locking tie snugs before. How does it work? Does it need a special tool (key) to open? How did you acquire it? And what is the function of the zip tie if your tie can't be loosened anyhow?

I love concealed bondage that you can wear out in the open without anyone the wiser. I might only prefer not being locked in every day - for me it would lessen the kick if it was all the time and therefore predictable.

Posted by suitntied on 2014-06-14 16:54:39

It's a kind of pin that fixes to the back part of your tie right at the base of the knot - you can't see it normally and it keeps your tie from loosening - she's modified it a bit so it locks on. You used to be able to buy the tie snug online, I'm not sure if they're still available or not. The zip tie is what she used to use before the snug, and she still keeps it on me - she can tighten up the zip tie as needed for discipline without releasing the tie snug to tighten my tie if she so desires.

While I am kept in suit and tie every day with exceptions for outdoor activities and to exercise, the collar height and tightness do vary depending on how well I've been behaving, so it's not always the same - sometimes it's nearly comfortable in my collar and tie, other times I can hardly move my head and it's extremely tight.