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What overalls do you own?

My overalls

Posted by carg85 on 2014-01-15 21:44:03

Hi Tradboy, thanks for your contributions. Reading some of your other posts, it seems like shortalls wouldn't have very positive associations for you, with your aunt spanking and humiliating you in them. But I'm glad to see you still like them, and have your own collection now. Which ones from your past did you like (I guess not the V ones), and which would be your favorites this day?

Posted by carg85 on 2014-01-16 21:35:48

Hi Tradboy, yes, for me the feeling of being enclosed in them and feel the groin when you move around is great, too. Were you ever put in shortalls that were hard to get out of yourself? I'm not sure at what era exactly you grew up, but around the sixties overalls were sometimes not so easy as the normal current ones. There is a flickr album by someone called TheirHistory who writes: "The dungarees were built like a straight jacket, you are not able to get out of them unless you get help." My guess is that around that time children were supposed to leave their clothes (and sometimes diapers) alone, so clothes were more often closed at the back.

Personally I can't remember any overalls or shortalls from when I was young; only when I started asking for them when I was around 10 or 11 I got a (normal denim) pair. Now I have over 50!

Posted by carg85 on 2014-01-19 13:39:20

Well, I've been collecting overalls, shortalls, jumpsuits etc for over 30 years now, and they must total around 75. There's probably some 20 shortalls in there. Not all of my collection fits me (anymore), and many of them are way too feminine to wear in public - I collected them because it was of a type I didn't have yet (like different clasps. zips or buttons on front / side / back, different materials, different cuts). There are actually no shortalls I would wear in public, apart from one pair of overalls from an adventure store where you can zip off the legs, and even that one I wore only on holiday. Guess I'm not brave enough to have my neighborhood / friends think me weird.

Have you ever considered putting together an outfit like you wore with your aunt, or is your shortalls interest purely for comfortable shortalls you'll also wear in public?

Posted by carg85 on 2014-01-29 19:57:05

Hey Tradboy, in my collection I have 2 pairs of shortalls with real hotpants, a velvet one and a suede leather one, which has large golden buckles on the straps. But both are really for women, so I'd guess you or I wearing them would look more like a crossdresser than a young boy. They don't actually fit me so that question is moot, anyway. Perhaps one day I find or hire someone to model them for me.

It can't have been easy finding those socks and sandals in grown men sizes!

Do you ever wear shortalls with tights? I think in the sixties and seventies those were worn by boys as well, sometimes. I only remember wearing them for dress-up, but then again I wasn't wearing shorts or shortalls in winter.

Carg85 (It's with a g, not a q, but you can't see that with the name underlined ;-)