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Boys, do you think more schools should let kids take their shoes off?

Better Barefoot

Posted by david1999 on 2014-01-12 23:24:04

I usually slip my flip-flops off under my desk, and I've gone barefoot in school a few times (because someone stole my shoes or I didn't have time to put them back on after gym), but I wouldn't run around in just socks. A. you'd wear holes in them and B. they make your feet stink. If you don't like wearing shoes, just come to school barefoot or in sandals.

Posted by jamesbreitbart on 2014-01-14 04:10:41

I agree. I go to school barefoot practically every day that it's warm out, but I'd never run around in just socks. It smells bad and it's wearing more on your feet than you have to.

Posted by the unknown on 2014-01-23 22:26:58

Yeah, I really don't get why the Poll Maker didn't include going around barefoot as an option. Did he really think that everyone would prefer socks?

Oh well. If a school let me take my shoes off, I'd go barefoot. Even if it was restricted to socks.

Posted by atheistkid on 2014-01-25 18:38:21

My high school doesn't let you wear shoes inside, and about 90 percent of kids go barefoot during warm weather. During the colder parts of winter most kids wear socks or slippers, and this past week when it was down to 30 degrees almost nobody came barefoot. When I was in middle school I had to wear shoes, and I used to try to get away with taking them off under the desk, so I can see where the poll is coming from.

Posted by Alpha11 on 2014-12-25 03:36:35

we have to wear shoes with closed toes and socks all year at my school. Some kids (like me) like to slip their shoes off under there desks. Some teachers don't care, some teachers pretend not to notice, and some teachers just say "put your shoes on" and dont punish us.

But some teachers are jerks and i learned witch ones to not try this with.