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What to do when sharing a hotel room (guy sonly)

advice and stories

Posted by Ryan -S- on 2013-09-08 21:59:53

Let me know any other advice or stories from your experiences

Posted by R.J. on 2013-09-10 16:36:59

Ryan, do as you feel most comfortable and accept his comfort level in front of you. It's two guys sharing a room. Modesty is a good virtue and should be practiced at the acceptable comfort level. If he shows he wants more privacy, accept that & if you choose, do the same with yourself out of respect for him.

As for M or W....that is a truly personal choice and if you guys are not that close of friends, probably not acceptable to do in front of or together, but that is a choice you need to make to accommodate the room's comfort level.

In HS we changed in front of and showered in the lockerroom in open shower areas and it was no big deal to strip, shower & re-dress. Use that experience to accommodate how you respond now as a college guy on a trip together. If you've never stripped or showered in front of brothers or other guys, likely you wont want to do this with this college companion; if you did in HS, then no big deal now.

You could always ask him too when it comes time to dress, shower, etc how he feels if you do it in front of him. Conversation is always an ice-breaker & helps to learn & establish comfort zones in many areas.

Posted by Ryan -S- on 2013-09-10 18:12:49

Thanks, I live in the UK and we dont shower after gym ckass here so ive never done it in fornt of anyone. To be honest im more worried about him thinking im weird by not just stripping or something.

Posted by shaun h on 2013-09-13 13:29:44

Good idea, check with your roomie as to what he feels comfortable with. My roomie and me are ok with each other being naked and we sometimes shower together to save water. Chris and me have seen each other naked, and we've been this way since we first got paired off to share our room at college. He asked me about being naked, and so, we don't have any problems.

Posted by Ryan -S- on 2013-09-13 16:17:14

Thanks and what do you two do about w***ing