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GUYS ONLY pissing poll


Posted by nighttime on 2019-08-28 19:28:33

So do you guys only $%!@ and $%!@e outdoors or do you also do it in places like movie theaters or convenience stores? My cousin works in a latenight supermarket and every so often a random drunk guy will come in, walk to the back of the store and take a $%!@ - maybe on the floor or up against a fridge..... If we go see a movie together with friends we always take a $%!@ on the carpet and the back of the seats in front of us.

Posted by jasonv on 2019-09-15 14:11:53

There are 3 lifts in the block where I live and they are always being $%!@ed in. No worry, you just step in, pull your $%!@ out and spray your $%!@ up the walls on the floor, whatever. In the hallways too, up against somebodys door. Its fun and we all do it LOL.

Posted by stevemcf on 2021-09-05 01:44:10

Sounds like the flats that i live in mate. Lifts always stink of $%!@, floors have always got $%!@ puddles in them. Noone gives a $%!@. I've $%!@ed in them plenty of times, just walk in, open my jeans get my $%!@ out and let the $%!@ fly wherever. Done it with my mates there, and they've done it to. Have walked in on other guys $%!@ing and neither of us given it any thought and have had folk walk in on me while i've been $%!@ing and they didn't give a $%!@. I even walked in on another guy $%!@ing, i was needing as well so got my $%!@ out and started to $%!@. The stairs and the corridors are always full of $%!@ and you can almost always see someone $%!@ing in them

Posted by nighttime on 2021-09-21 16:09:43

Do you ever just randomly take a $%!@ when you are indoors somewhere? Like in a corner of the supermarket or under the table at a burger place. $%!@ing against the bar in a pub is a good one. Ever $%!@ed on the floor or furniture in someone's house?

Posted by stevemcf on 2021-10-01 17:06:50

I've $%!@ed in a cupboard full of towels and clothes at a party once when the queue for the toilet was $%!@ing ridiculous - i wasn't the only one doing it! Someone had pulled all the clothes down onto the floor and they were drenched in $%!@. In lockdown they were only letting one person at a time into the toilet in mcdonalds so it was taking $%!@ing ages so i used my cup and put it under the table and $%!@ed into that then left it on the table when we left. I've done that a couple of times since, easy and noone knows youre doing it. Never tried $%!@ing against a bar in a pub but that would work pretty well. You gotten away with that, seems risky, don't want chucked out my local? It's a fair though, some of the toilets in pubs are $%!@ing mile away, i usually just $%!@ in the street once i've left. Once in a nightclub I couldn't be $%!@ed going and looking for the toilet and we were sitting at a high table so i just got my $%!@ out and $%!@ed onto the floor under the table.