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Construction & Software

Posted by karthika M on 2021-05-24 07:08:01

Maxwell GeoSystems senior management is a team of experienced and passionate leaders dedicated to making the company a great place to work. Our in-house engineers and IT specialists have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Maxwell GeoSystems are experienced Geotechnical Engineers with decades of boots-on-the-ground experience of major construction and infrastructure projects. We’re also Data Management Specialists who know how to acquire, process & dynamically connect data to help project stakeholders make timely decisions, manage, risk management for ground engineering works, instrumentation management software and instrumentation monitoring software optimise resources throughout the duration of a project.

Founded in 2004, by Dr. Angus Maxwell, Maxwell GeoSystems have operations located in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Colorado, Sydney and Kochi (India).

With roots in the supply and analysis of geotechnical data Maxwell GeoSystems understand the value of providing timely information to engineers, key decision makers and project stakeholders.

The company has been actively involved in major infrastructure, mining, construction and environmental projects throughout the world in partnership with leading construction companies and consultancies.

At the core of our business is the innovative MissionOS - a powerful and flexible data management system for the acquisition, monitoring and analysis of geotechnical and other project-related data.

The MissionOS system gathers essential project data and actively links it together into a single powerful data resource that can be widely accessed by multiple project participants via a single web-based hub. So whichever your specific discipline, we have a dynamic scalable solution to meet your needs.

In addition, MissionOS contains many alert and alarm functions which can greatly improve Risk Management performance and reduce costs. Maxwell GeoSystems have pioneered ways to package and present data in easily digestible “Dashboard” formats, using web-based portals that can be accessed through a variety of devices.

The company has a proven track record of successfully accomplished projects and a demonstrable capability wide range of challenging environments. From Earthworks & Reclamation, Mining & Tunnelling to Bridges, Slopes, Excavations, Dams and Asset Management.

For those serious about data as a business resource the Mission Enterprise allows you to define standard operating models for data across all your business globally on the web and stat to build a data resource that can give you significant business advantage.

MissionOS platform has been employed extensively for the management of data on some of the world’s largest urban tunnel projects. Its lightweight footprint gives tunnel professionals ready access to the latest data from borings, design prediction, production data and instrumentation results.

Tunnel data management system and underground construction works contain extensive amounts of data generated from site investigation, instrumentation & monitoring, as well as construction itself.

Successful delivery of these projects requires a thorough understanding and interpretation of the information being received in real-time.

The MissionOS platform is a market proven system that has been implemented on large urban tunnel projects worldwide for risk management, machine process control, shift reporting and observational engineering feedback.

With unparalleled flexibility for data integration and analysis, the MissionOS is proving to be the tool of choice for tunnel excavation monitoring system professionals worldwide.

Maxwell GeoSystems continues to develop enhancements and tools tailored specific to the clients’ needs.

Our team of experts in best tunnelling process control, instrumentation and computer programming, work closely with clients to provide solutions for reducing uncertainties and minimising risks on projects.

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