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How to Start Using GNN News Live

Posted by Nouman Shakeel on 2021-04-21 08:11:08

GNN news live anchor Yaw Awere said yesterday that, after the hotly contested election in the Ukrainian city of Ternopil, opposition leaders have issued a call to fight for a fair vote. Speaking on News Night Eastern Europe, Awere said: “Opposition leaders have said that they are outraged by the irregularities and fear that President Poroshenko is taking advantage of the chaos. “Genya and Stalina have described the result as ‘illegal and untransparent’.

The opposition leaders are set to decide on their next move after the U.N. said they should be able to meet with the nation's electoral commission to discuss any irregularities. At the same time, Poroshenko has urged his voters to use their ‘right to peacefully protest.

What are the latest developments?
  1. GNN News Live from Ternopol

GNN news team arrived in Ternopil last night, as opposition leaders claimed they would be heading to Kyiv to seek a fair vote in next month’s election.

Genya, Stalina, and Lilia Onishchuk told GNN News Live that they would use ‘all possible means to ensure that their rights are secured.

The three opposition leaders said they would not sit back while Poroshenko's supporters manipulate the election and take full advantage of the chaos.

“We need a full investigation into the irregularities and irregularities in Ukraine. We need an election that will be clean and fair.

We are here to say that, despite all the negative events in Ukraine, we need to turn our sights to the future, and to the future is Ukraine's.”

How to Start Live Streaming GNN News?

Live Stream:

You can access our GNN news Live stream by using our Live Section on our Web homepage and Facebook. You can even start watching on our Facebook Page now, live from Ternopil.

You can also watch it on Live TV on the following cable networks in Europe: Sky News Arabia Arabia and NTV+ Russia.

More About News Night Eastern Europe:

We have been monitoring and broadcasting live from Ternopil and western Ukraine, for many years. You can watch the program on our website and on our YouTube and Facebook pages, or you can use our Live Section on our Web homepage and Facebook page to live stream the program from Ternopil or any other region.

News Night is a live news and current affairs program broadcast by Eastern Europe’s leading news station. GNN from the Ternopil television center in the west of Ukraine.