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House Cleaning Turns Out It Can Generate Millions of Dollars

Posted by Sarahwati on 2019-11-07 06:52:00

My house cleaning business started when he saw a business opportunity from a sloppy home developer by giving up accepting that the house has not been cleaned after finishing. As a result, there were complaints from the prospective buyer.

"In my mind, that is a business opportunity,"

Determination began with a capital of 1 million, I equipped myself with a set of cleaning equipment and cleaning drugs. the business begins with the name "Home Cleaning".

Although it had stolen business knowledge from competitors, it made the business a legal business from its first contract.

It started with the idea of ​​cleaning up the school, I started to build a business in the cleaning service business.

I began his career by making his business legal because of the request of his first client. The request came to fruition with his first contract worth 45 million within six months to clear the school's rectorate building.

The contract made me attract four employees. But there are times when he is burdened by the initial capital of the work. Do not hesitate, he sold the car given by his parents worth 30 million.

The results of the first work contract resulted in a profit of 5 million per month. Even so, he realized the price of the contract was too high.

"I realized the mistake of offering a price that was too expensive, but because they agreed to keep quiet, but instead I gave extra services to them,".

The name of a human being who is never satisfied and continues to want to grow, I changed this business from home cleaning to cleaning service. the business becomes B2B (bussines to bosiness).

This makes the company's earnings relatively more stable, profits are more certain to be obtained. However, the new concept raises new issues.

"Gemilang faced many problems, starting to look for suppliers, making SOPs, the high number of employees entering and exiting, to complaints from clients because the employee's work was too slow,"

However, with sincerity, my company gradually became trusted and increasingly known to people.

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Posted by Mariya Dorothy on 2019-11-08 11:49:58

House cleaning service is a large business today. Because most of the people won't come into this field. But there are a lot of opportunities here. It's a profitable business. hp printer wont print from computer Your post shares all the information about the house cleaning business.

Posted by Amy.W on 2019-11-09 04:12:55

I cant agree that people wont come into this field. I know at least four people in this kind of business and they say it`s really profitable and great.

Posted by ducklife on 2019-11-27 03:32:56

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