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Females who have been strip searched

Christmas shopping search

Posted by Saundralefort on 2019-01-02 21:57:50

I went into a large store to do some Christmas shopping. I must have made a mistake by going in the exit doors because I was immediately stopped by a guard. He asked what I was stealing. I said nothing and he said he would find out. He grabbed me by the hand and took me to a back office. He locked the door and said I’d be arrested if I didn’t follow his instructions. Hand over my purse now. I figured since there was barely anything in it he’d release me. Wrong. Jewelry off now. So before I know it I’m handing over my earrings, necklace; watch and wedding ring. Shoes off. I was uneasy when he then said dress off. I didn’t have a bra on so I hesitated. So before I knew it he was unzipping my dress and pulling it down and off. Hands on top of your head. His hands were on my waist and in no time pulling off my panties. Then he stood behind me and started feeling me up. He pulled and tugged on my boobs and twisted my nipples hard until I started crying. Then a finger up my butt and another in my vagina. He then said I was free. I gathered all my things and got dressed. My panties were gone. And I wasn’t given back my wedding ring and my wallet no longer was there.

Posted by Getemoff on 2019-01-06 22:46:41

I understand why you would hand over your purse and jewelry but what right had he to take off your dress. Surely you realised something was wrong. Why on earth did you stand there in your panties and not do anything ?

Posted by fufogijoka on 2019-01-15 10:36:36

February 9

Posted by Saundralefort on 2019-01-19 18:42:01

I was taught from a young age to always obey authority figures no matter what. He felt as though to do his job right that my clothes needed to come off. Who am I to disobey? Yes I was embarrassed that I was naked but I just have to deal with it.

Posted by Getemoff on 2019-01-20 00:20:36

I have some questions that maybe you will answer

Did you tell your husband ? How did he react ?

What color were your panties ? Did you react in any way when he felt inside them ?

You sound very respectable, being married and expecting to obey authority. Do you think that might have been the reason the guy chose you ? He sounds like a loser and maybe he liked the idea of humiliating you if he resented your confidence. Does this sound plausible ?